wedding videography

Film formats  & other options


Feature Films

Feature films are the star of the show. They can be 20-40 minutes long. It's a longer, more mature cut, ideal for the film savvy couple or someone who has a lot of guests (100+) or a very eventful day, with live performances and the like. Includes a lot more stuff than a Highlights Film would, such as a ceremony vows, some of the speeches and a fair bit of dancing, along with the reception and the preparations. Each wedding is different and each film will be different. There are no formulas. Even though I shoot smartly for the edit, only when I get to the editing suite will I know how the film will turn out.

drone footage

Drone footage can add incredible value to a wedding film. I use to say is like sugar: a little bit of it, enhances the flavour of many foods and desserts - too much and it just gets disgusting. We do not track couples during their intimate shoots or other cheesy, obtrusive shots. I get my trusted drone operator to come and work with me and take beautiful establishing shots of the venue and overviews of the surrounding landscape. Of course, we use nothing but fully licensed, fully insured drone pilots to make sure we are on the right side of the law.

pre-wedding shoots

Wedding films are collaborative efforts. I'm hired to shoot the coolest film you'll have be in. But some couples are just so interesting they have incredible ideas that end up their wedding film. It can be a shoot in the streets of London or a romance walk in a Surrey park or a summer dip in a lake. I don't charge any more for this because it's incredibly important to incorporate any good, crazy ideas you might have.

Highlights film

The Highlights has the same structure but about 8-10 minutes long. While there's no fixed formula, the film will feature shots from the main birds (ceremony, speeches). You will also see a more concentrated version of the B-Roll from the reception and guests' mingling in general. From a cinematic point of view, Highlights tend to be punchier with a quicker pace and and a music score with a quicker tempo. This package is probably the most popular for couples on a budget or who would just like a complement to the photography they have already hired.

Second videographers

My motto is to be unobtrusive and fairly discreet and that's why I shoot mostly alone. However, as much as I don't like to admit, some weddings are just too big for me. Because I cannot be in two places at the same time, sometimes I need a second videographer to cover your other half's wedding preparations or to stay with the guests whilst we go for a shoot in the woods or down in the beach. Of course, it suits my brand much better to shoot alone in order to keep my unobtrusive approach, but I don't do it sacrificing the coverage of parts that are important to you.

What can I say - We absolutely love the video, thank you so much!! We’ve managed to watch the full fil and it’s amazing, we’re so so happy with it. I have no idea how you got so much footage - we didn’t notice you at all!! The quality is great as well, and I really like the way you mixed in the music. Thank you.
— Tessa & Nick