Warwick Castle

Photography - Voytek Photography
Venue - Warwick Castle

As a wedding videographer this winter wedding at Warwick Castle was something quite special - there were Christmas trees, sword and axe fights, gorgeous light, the works. Even though we only started filming at around 2pm, we still managed to get some gorgeous light. Obviously, the somber and mysterious ambience of the Castle provides a great atmosphere for film.

Despite the extreme low light situations in some of the areas of the Castle (the dinner was mostly candlelit!), the venue is quite ample and wide enough for videographers and photographers to setup lights. Wedding videographers find no shortage of picture opportunities in the various areas of the grounds, as well as inside the Castle.

Some of the rooms in the towers can be used as bridal suites. The light coming through the narrow slits allow for a really interesting look, in harmony with the overall mysterious style of the wedding video.

Warwick Castle is a large wedding venue. It has all the hallmarks of a historic town and touristic attraction. As a guest, you can even book a room on the grounds of there Castle. The monument is managed by English Heritage and it’s located in the center of the village of Warwick, which gives the name to its county - Warwickshire. This area, in central England, is also the area where the birthplace of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, is located.