The Langham

As a wedding videographer Jewish weddings are incredibly organic. Some of the weddings I come across, there are weddings where I have to actively look for motion to move the narrative forward. Not on this one though. Charlotte & Joel hired booked me quite early to shoot their Jewish wedding in one of the best hotels in London, The Langham. Jewish weddings are always fun. They're hectic, full of emotion and, above all, full of dancing. So - much - dancing!

The Langham is a typical London hotel and although it has large windows to harness sunlight, no one was expecting the warm and sunny day. So, the room was all lit and windows had to be covered to preserve the atmosphere; such is the English weather.

In weddings like these, two or three camera setups are essential, so I had to bring another videographer on board to help me with the ceremony and several other bits of the hours of dancing that went on. To give you an idea, we were running three cameras to be able to capture such a big and varied dance floor.