Porto, Portugal

Venue - Clube Universitário do Porto

As a Portuguese wedding videographer, shooting wedding videography in Portugal is always a very interesting and rich experience. Whether we are talking about a destination wedding who fly over to Portugal or a wedding of Portuguese couple, the fact I’m shooting in a location I know by heart is all the more interesting.

Wedding videos are made of a rich blend of cultural and aesthetic (both visual and musical) and lives a lot on the landscape, textures and clues of the place. Clube Universitário do Porto it’s a romantic, 19th century building quite typical of the Manor House style wealthy families built in Portugal at the time.

Porto weddings have a special heritage and connection with English history. The north of Portugal had a great commercial and cultural influence from England in the 18th and 19th Century (that’s why so many Port cellar houses have English family names) and it’s no surprise it attracts so many British couples these days.

This wedding was quite unique. The person who got married was my former manager from back when I worked as a legal advisor for the banking industry in Portugal. It was an honour to shoot his wedding and to be alongside him. As a wedding videographer, the it was a great opportunity to include aerial (drone) shots of the Douro river as well as the venue, along with beautiful footage of the ceremony and the following reception.