This is me working during a wedding beautifully photographed by my friend photographer Charlie Campey

10 reasons why you should have a wedding film done

1. You don't have to like being filmed
Very few people are comfortable with a camera pointed at them. Even so, good videographer put their clients at ease. To do that, I like to use powerful cameras and limit the use of tripods and microphones. I don't use big cameras or video lights, drones or cranes because that gear draws attention to the filming - and above all I firmly believe a wedding is your own celebration and not a film production.

2. Even if you already have a photographer
A videographer has a very different role than a wedding photographer. They only have in common the goal of producing images of your wedding day. Besides that, all their work is different. While a photograph freezes the moment for the future, a wedding video allows you to relive the wedding (especially the parts with spoken voice like vows and speeches) with a matching music score, along with details and parts photographers don't capture.

3. It's not that expensive
Granted - a wedding film can be expensive. But it's also an investment. Just like photographs and your rings, the wedding film is one of the few things that survive the wedding day. You might want to think what you get from it. Your dad's speech and your husband's are both priceless. The same goes for the ceremony and emotions photography cannot translate

4. A wedding videographer is very easy to choose
Choosing a videographer for your special day is as easy as choosing your next Friday night film. Just watch a few of his trailers if its feels right, it's because is right. Most people are not used to enjoy photography on a regular basis, whereas everyone is very aware how a film is suppose to look and feel. It takes only a few seconds into a wedding film to tell if that videographer is the one.

5. A wedding film is emotional and engaging
This is probably the most exciting reason from a wedding videographer. Nothing is as easy and yet engaging as watching your wedding video. It takes you a few minutes where you'll be glued to the screen. Also, a good wedding film will fill you and your family with eye-watering emotion to watch you getting ready and walking down the aisle with a cinematic music score.

6. It's a timeless piece of art
From the very capture of the footage during your engagement shoot to your wedding day and the post production with the cutting, the colour grading, sweetening the speech audio and the music choice, your wedding film is a unique view from your wedding day. 

7. Your wedding film is your love story
As much as photographers try and document your day, nothing tells a story like a well put together video by a competent wedding videographer. While photographs are still images, they are still individual images where moments are frozen. In wedding videos, moments are fully seen and enjoyed. You see things happening. You see people cry of joy. You notice the intensity of the first kiss. And you can back to it when you want it. As many times as you want.

8. It's a cinematic film
This is one of those words people use a lot this days. There's nothing fancy about it, though. It means your wedding video will look like a film you see in the cinema. Using a number of advanced techniques, my wedding videos don't look like a real estate promotional video or like commercial add, but like a feature film with good photography and cherry-picked music score.

9. You'll have your speeches and vows fully recorded
Some of the most beautiful words by your husband-to-be said during this  will This is what photography cannot even get close to. Having speeches and your unique wedding vows recorder in high quality audio is something unique. You'll be able to revisit those words in the years to come.

10. Video is social media friendly
The highlights video is cut to have between 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how much content your wedding allows for. While social media networks crop or degrade the quality of photographs, the same doesn't happen with video. Also, the widespread availability of data plans and WiFi makes it very easy to share with your friends and family.