Venue - Lulworth Estate and Castle

This wedding was epic. Indeed, the review left by the couple Amina and David speaks for itself:

You promised a work of art and you delivered! Each video captured the essence of our wedding so perfectly. You were able to evoke the same emotions we had watching the videos back as we did on the day! Thank you so so much for nailing it and making us relive the dream that is our wedding. It will be a lifetime reminder of the magical memories and so lucky to have found you to help us contain the best bits for life! You are, put simply, a genius!

This wedding video took a fair bit of time to be edited. It was shot in the peak of the summer season and I could not get my hands to edit it for a while. I was quite eager to start and finish the edit. Lulworth Castle weddings are very impressive in themselves. Although drones/UAVs are banned throughout the estate, the possibilities in terms of scenery for photography and film are very much unlimited - only time prevented us to go down and shoot some portraits at the Durdle Door. The surrounding landscape is quintessential Dorset Coast and has all the hallmarks of a rich wedding. It was also an incredibly hot and long day, which made the wedding celebrations all the wilder.

Amina and David are a dating app couple and their history is very much laid out throughout the film thanks to David’s witty and interesting speech. Wedding speeches are the lifeblood of most wedding films. As a wedding videographer, sat on my editing suite, a brew in hand, having a good speech at hand makes all the difference. I have also used the Met Office’s weather forecast to give some texture and context to the film as a cinematic piece.