Here’s our step-by-step guide to booking our wedding videography services

1. Enquire
If you’ve watched my wedding film trailers and liked what you saw, please get in touch and enquire about your date. If I’m available, regardless of your budget, I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. Although my videography is not exactly affordable, I have a pretty varied set of deliverables I can work with to accommodate your needs and most medium to high budgets. If I’m not available, I’ll get you a number of colleagues I trust who might be able to help you. When enquiring, some couples have questions about the way I work or even about what’s possible to do in terms of delivery and coverage. A quick phone or video call can generally answer all those questions and make sure my videography and I are a good match to you, as a couple.

2. Booking (Contract & Deposit)
To make things clear and legitimate, I have a contract. It’s a short document, a couple of pages long that outlines the way my services work, what you should expect (and what I should expect from you) and what you can hold me accountable for. With

3. Meeting
A few months before the wedding, as soon as the schedule takes a fairly solid shape, I meet with my couples over Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. We get to know each other, learn what you expect from me and also what I expect from you.This is also a good time to fine tune some important logistic details of the day.

4. Wedding Day
As a documentary videographer, I film what I see. You won’t see me setting up shots or filming everything. It’s worth noting that, unlike wedding photographers who work with shot lists, I am selective and only film what works for film and for the story I am telling. There is no script other than the schedule. Indeed, film is so much more about suggesting than actually showing. Of course, I film all the important bits, such as the ceremony, confetti, speeches, first dance; you name it.

5. Post Wedding; Editing and Delivery
As I arrive to the office with the footage, I back it up (Cloud, On Site and Off-site). Backups are very important in case of hard drive failure or any natural events, protecting both my livelihood as well as your one-in-a-lifetime memories.
This is a long period which can take anything from 6-8 weeks all the way to 5 months. While I don’t expect to take 5 months to start, finish and deliver a wedding edit, some parts of the year are busier than others and it’s hard to predict the flux of work coming in.