Photography - Ashley Duckering Stills & Motion
Venue - Hop Farm, Kent
Live Music - Bo Baskoro and friends

As a wedding videographer with a few weddings under my belt I can honestly look back and say this wedding was special. Frequently my wedding films are about a couple coming together and their story and the trip they took together. But this time it was different. This wedding film I shot at the Hop Farm in Kent was simply mind-blowing - it was two families from different cultures coming together. 

Apart from the Church ceremony, the whole wedding took place at Hop Farm. It's an unpretentious venue located just a stone's throw from Maidstone, it's one of the nicest venues I have shot at in Kent as a wedding videographer.

For two days we had everything: a religious, Anglican ceremony; speeches ; a henna party' traditional Indian dancing; an Indian ceremony; more speeches; and even more dancing!

I had shot Asian weddings and in  particular Indian traditional weddings before so I knew how things would unfold. However, I wasn't prepared for the amount of great moments and the skilful dancing.

To this day it was probably the largest wedding I had to edit and also the longest film I have ever delivered. It's was also probably one of the best.