Wedding Films you want to watch
Over and over again

Do you loath cheesy looking wedding films? Great! I do too. People say variety is the spice of life. And rightly so. Tradition and symbolism have a role to play in weddings, but only to the extent it fits your personality and your dreams. From me, you can expect a discreet, relaxed approach to filming, much less so than photographers. Working with small cameras a minimal equipment, my motto is to be discreet and unobtrusive. In a way, many people would rather not have a videographer with fear it might prove too cumbersome and noticeable on the day. I work based on schedule and I very rarely interrupt anything when I go about the day filming. Sound recording is a big part of the day. I'm a firm believer in organic, textured sound. That's why I use a set of tiny, pro level microphones that can be concealed in clothing for the ceremony and the speeches.

As a wedding videographer London and Hampshire are my favourite counties to shoot at. Of course, being Surrey based, I also love the venues located around Chertsey and Runnymede, but I always seem to be chosen by couples further afield! Location has a big impact on the kind of film you produce - a London wedding video happening in a venue like the Conservatory at the Barbican or the Trinity Buoy Wharf tend to be quite different from one that's taking place in a small, 1000 year old country church with a reception in a Manor House or a Barn in the middle of a field. Indeed, locations say a lot about the couple and about the place they feel most comfortable in. As far as I am concerned, the technical challenges and the creativity drive is the same: looking for good light, interesting elements in the landscape - anything that makes your wedding day yours and that makes it special.

If you're thinking of eloping to a warm (or cold, for that matter) location abroad and would still like to have me producing your films, I'm just a plane ticket away! Indeed, every year we do a few destination weddings. It's incredibly refreshing to visit new locations every time. Also, being from Portugal, I often find myself going there to work. I always take the opportunity - when time allows - to visit family and friends and stuff my face in local food and great quality wine. If you would like to have me as a wedding videographer at some of my favourite locations, such as the USA, France, Italy, Norway or Morocco, I'll do a special deal for you.
I'm fluent in both English and Portuguese and a working knowledge of Spanish. I can also understand French.