My films are not for everyone. I focus on telling a story using old school cinematic technics. No flashy transitions or fancy graphic; just good, old cinematic technique in the same tradition of the great master of cinema.

I film weddings with a small, professional cinema camera that allows me to film with no interruptions to your celebrations. It makes everyone more relaxed and allows me to focus on what’s really important: good composition, gorgeous light and a rich story structure.

These small cameras also allow me to travel light and film weddings all over the world.

You won’t see large film crews, cranes and gimbals; some colleagues incorporate these in their films beautifully and there’s nothing wrong with that; they’re not the cup of tea as they don’t allow for my discreet, low profile approach.

If this makes sense to you and looks like we’re on the same wavelength, please get in touch to know more.

Now booking for 2019/2020

Because my time is worth a lot more when I’m very busy, I offer discounted rates for mid-week weddings (Monday-Thursday) as well as autumn and winter weddings (January-March)

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