Maidenhead Wedding Video | CIM Moor Hall in Maidenhead

This is a rather proud moment for me. I have now completed and delivered my first wedding video shot in Maidenhead, Berkshire, at the CIM Moor Hall. It was great fun and I am quite pleased with the results. It was not the first time I shot a wedding video (or any type of video for that matter) but it was the first wedding video under my own business name.

Back in early 2015 I had started shooting short corporate videos for a commercial client. Having years of experience in photography definitely helped. Although the logic of video is totally different, most of the required skill set is very similar to the photography one. It is not accidental the fact that the people in charge of the image and camera side of a film set are called Directors of Photography.

The creative mindset is however very different. Wedding videos are all about filming movement, whereas photography is about scenes freezed in a single frames.

As far as I am concerned, wedding videos are documentary by nature; much more so than photography. Of course you could stage a wedding. But then it would't be a wedding video. It would be a film about a wedding.

While I use an assistant/second videographer, I make sure my kit setup is minimal. Because a wedding is not a film set I don't use drones or sliders and pretty much limit the use of tripods to speeches and some detail and establishing (scenery) shots. My camera kit consists basically of two Panasonic video cameras, a handful of bright lenses and a few sound recorders with lavalier (lapel) microphones to capture the spoken voice during vows and speeches.

This Maidenhead wedding video came up as a surprise, as it was a last minute booking. Teresa and Ed had their Catholic ceremony at the St Joseph's Church in Cookham and then their wedding breakfast at the CIM Moor Hall also in Cookham. They were after a simple, no nonsense video coverage of their wedding and that's pretty much what I do. I do it with wedding photography and wedding videos are no different.

As wedding videographer Maidenhead is a lovely area to get married in. Because the area is quite close to Windsor, there are a number of nice, renovated Manor Houses that are being used as wedding venues in the Maidenhead area. Lovely landscapes and rustic buildings give a simple, unconventional boho touch to any wedding reception and wedding breakfast. Such textures, shapes and available light spots provide a perfect environment to shoot wedding videos.

The CIM Moor Hall (where most of this wedding video was filmed) is located in a countryside area the small town of Cookham, Maidenhead. It's quite a big venue with lovely country surroundings. For weddings with a more rustic tone, other venues come to my mind, such as Lillibrooke Manor or Rivervale Farm.

Wrapping up, shooting this Maidenhead Wedding Video was such a great experience. I enjoyed it so much I setup a wedding videos page and I am now completing a brochure with wedding video prices and packages.