New Forest Wedding Videographer | Bramble Hill, Lyndhurst Wedding


Wedding Videographers have many inspiration sources. Some of them have nothing to do with wedding videography or wedding, for that matter. This is very much my case; I draw inspiration from history, books, painting and every other stuff I do on a daily basis. In film, we don’t really create images per se. Images are just a tool to create a story and an atmosphere.

This wedding was a New Forest Wedding, just out of the historic town of Lyndhurst.

World War Two or Spy stories’ aficionados will know the New Forest held a Special Operations Executive training facility during World War Two. It was an isolated and inconspicuous enough place to hide such a school and it was from there the finished field agents were sent to the mainland to, as Churchill put it, ‘set Europe ablaze!’.

Now, everyone who knows me would know I would mention this without so much a valid reason, but the reason I bring this up is because Tori and Jake’s wedding reminds me of this. For one, it took place in the New Forest; also, Tori & Jake arrived to the wedding on a WWII Willys Jeep, a genuine 1942 war vehicle. How cool is that? It turns out Tori’s uncle, who owns the land where the reception took place, also owns a Willys, and was only happy to drive them to and from Church and to the reception.

This wedding was quite fun to shoot. The light was beautiful and the landscapes or the New Forest are just breathtaking. This kind of backyard wedding is so intimate and fun to shoot. People really connect and fill the area mingling and drinking. It was just a blast. The speeches were really emotional, including the bride’s speech, which provided a strong storytelling driving force.

Watch it and judge for yourself. I would love to go back and shoot at a New Forest wedding. If you’re looking for a Wedding Videographer down in the New Forest make sure you consider my wedding videography. Since you’re here, make sure to check my other work as well as the +Info pages for more details on my style, and the testimonials page to see what other couples thought of the film I produced for them.