Engagement Videographer London | Proposal & Engagement shoot

As a wedding videographer it’s quite rare to shoot proposals or engagement shoots. I tend to shoot the weddings themselves but rarely anything beforehand and, to be fair, given the level of planning video generally involves, I always thought as more of a photography thing.

However, recently I found myself shooting a proposal based on the idea of couples sitting in a room, facing each other and sharing their story separately, whilst the other plays music with on noise-canceling headphones.

This was all the groom’s idea! They met at Uni, in Leicester and so the whole thing was put together as if I was shooting a promo film for the University and they were just volunteers alumni. This is where the groom got his inspiration.

This is still in the editing suite, but if you’d like to do something like this or are looking for a wedding videographer, do please get in touch!