Destination Wedding Videographer // Should I fly my wedding videographer to my destination wedding or hire a local wedding videographer?

As a destination wedding videographer who's also an expat I have quite a unite outlook on destination weddings and how people from different countries approach weddings. For example, in Portugal save for the odd foreign wedding there are no wedding speeches. People just keep drinking and partying through the evening and into the small hours of the morning. Most wedding receptions don't end until 2 or 3am.

A question I always get from couples and peers alike, is it sensible to fly a videographer or should you hire on location? Well, the answer is definitely not a clear cut one. Indeed, there are many advantages in flying your videographer from Britain or indeed from a third country into the place you are getting married in.

For starters, if you are willing - or at least considering - flying your videographer to another country, chances are that wedding videographer is really your dream one.

Secondly, but not less importantly, a homegrown videographer will conduct deal with you on familiar business practice.

There is also the circumstance people never like to think about: most videographers' contracts - or indeed most wedding suppliers' - state as their conflict solving jurisdiction as their local. Meaning that, in case of a serious problem (touch wood!) you might find yourself discussing a contract in a French or Italian or Portuguese Court. Or worse, not discussing it because it's just too expensive and troublesome.

Another important point is a Surrey or London or Hampshire wedding videographer is more likely to present you packages that suit what you are looking for. Obviously, wedding films are creative work and therefore will be different from videographer to videographer. But there's a rough standard videographers observe in Britain in terms of delivery.

Finally, it costs next to nothing to fly people within Europe. Last year, one of my destination weddings was in France. The travel and car hire cost me about the same as it would to get me to Scotland.

Of course, you might find the location where you are having your destination wedding is actually cheaper in terms of pricing. This might be attractive and you might actually find an amazing videographer. It will take you longer to survey the market, but there's nothing wrong with it.

Hiring a local wedding videographer to produce your wedding film might actually be the only option if prices on location are quite low but flying there is just too expensive. This is true for example of South Asia or South America countries.

In the end, it will come down to a fine combination of your own personal taste, your budget and the location you are getting married at. Whether you're having a New York cosmopolitan wedding or a bohemian Santorini summer affair, please get in touch and I'll help you decide :)