Wedding Videographer London | Islington Town Hall & The Hawksmoor | London, UK

Islington town hall weddings account for about 3/4 of the weddings I've shot in London (although not necessarily 3/4 of the wedding videos I have on my Wedding Films page). It's such a big, iconic place for celebrations that draws in a lot of couples. It's very near the trendy restaurant and hospitality scene of North London and not too far from the quirky wedding venues of East London London as well. It has also a big square for groups photography.

Being a wedding videographer London always presents a challenge, which is generally a good thing. If there are no drawbacks, there's very external incentive to be creative. Of course, one always has the drive of trying something new, but without an external push from demanding environments, there's always the risk we end up using the same box of trick time and time again.

London weddings have (most of the time) traffic and dark wedding venues. Frequently, venues are not even wedding venues per se. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing and could even be good - as it probably won't be a wedding factory and therefore it's very likely each wedding will be pretty different and unique.

I look at all these challenges with a light hearted, can do attitude. If it's too dark we bring lights. If it's too crowded, we use more wide angle shots and more closeups.

Fortunately, both Islington Town Hall and the Hawksmoor are none of the above, bar the traffic. Indeed, Islington Town Hall is even brighter than the average registry office. The main round room is probably the brightest registry office room I've ever been to despite the wooden panelling. And talking of wooden panelling, there's the Hawksmoor.

Considered by many the best UK stake restaurant, I'm yet to find a place that feeds suppliers better. There are many Hawksmoor restaurants, but this one is the one located at 10 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5BQ, right in the heart of the City of London.

Whilst I normally work alone, I hired someone to bring me my lights and help me setting it up. It keeps costs down for the couple and also maintains that low key, discrete documentary coverage that's characteristic of my style.

As you can see on this London wedding video, the wooden panelling - most present during the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast and speeches - doesn't pose a problem in terms of lighting (for the camera setup we use anyway). Also, we only had to put lights up for the dance floor, since during the speeches the Hawksmoor staff was kind enough to put the light levels up. While it looks traditional, it's a very convenient and cinematic kind of lighting.

This was the first time working with Amy Barton from Amy B Photography. Her photographic coverage of this wedding is worth a look. She's really nice to work with; good fun and with a charming northern accent.

If you are looking to have a London wedding video made, please get in touch. Obviously, I don't have a fixation with shooting London wedding videos - I travel to any location in the world - just get me a place ticket, If you have my questions, email me or visit my FAQ section.