Wedding Videographer Surrey | The showreel of 2016

2016 was great for me and my work. Amongst many other great things - it was the year I started doing wedding films. It was also the year I decided to make videography my main business activity. It's not that I am fed up with photography or that I have learned all there is.

In fact, 2016 I had an unprecedented demand for commercial photography work. I continued to help out my friend Charlie with a considerable chunk of his weddings.

I also got to know, work with and learn from with a couple of wedding videographers I had the privilege of earning the trust of - Ayla Akdemir from Wagtail Productions and Stuart Kinghorn from Confetti & Silk.

The turning point was the last couple of wedding videos I shot in the last week of September of 2016. After shooting a number of weddings I realised how video can expand my creativity by mixing in movement, dialogue, and music.

From the wedding in the riverside town of Cookham, in Maidenhead in June; to the Twickenham Rowing Club in the historic Eel Pie Island, in the Royal Borough of Richmond, in London; the luxurious St Michael's Manor Hotel and the rustic Old Greens Barn in Newdigate, Surrey. All these can be seen on the website, under Wedding Films.

These wedding films showed me how my photographic background helps in the creative process. After all, films are pictures. Made of the same light and magic as photographs. They abide by most of the same principles in the making and they share a lot of the same gear as well.

2017 will therefore be a year for change. I will be presenting myself as a wedding videographer. I will keep on offering wedding photography as a standalone service and as an add-on as well as commercial and event work, but videography will be my primary activity.

The website will reflect those changes in due time. In the meanwhile, please get in touch if you are in need of a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer or are looking for both to be performed by the same team.

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