Business portrait | Lawyer

This was a full weekend. Full of portraits; classic, carefully-lit portraits of professionals.

My years working in the legal field provided me an insight of the corporate world. Office jobs require specific imagery and often made inside their own premises.

There are two main ideas I follow when working with business portraits. First, the lightning and overall look need to match the image of the company's and the sector's visual identity; and lightning and background need to be consistent - if not with a fake background, talents should be posed on the same spot and photographed from the same perspective.

This portrait is one of the favorites. It was made inside the conference room of a law firm. Used the window light as the main light. An umbrella provided the fill.

When available, I always prefer window light. It saves us a lot of time setting two lights up and fiddling with light ratios. And however pleasant posing for our portraits may be, our client is always glad  for being able to get back to work quickly.