Destination wedding in Portugal

This is why we love what we do: we get to share the most deep emotions of couples and their families and get in touch with their very deep roots and traditions.

It all began in the begging of last summer when we were contacted to photograph a destination wedding. The couple was coming in a few weeks from Scotland to get married in Oeiras, Portugal - where the bride was from. Luckily their day was still available (although we had a wedding booked for the very next day).

Later I was told their moving story: they had already get married in Scotland in 2013, where they now live. They couldn't afford the time for a wedding celebration due unfortunate circumstances - a dying family member. So they were travelling to Portugal for their proper wedding celebration.

The venue wasn't your common wedding venue. It was a cellar located in the beautiful gardens of an 18th century palace. This is the cellar where Carcavelos wine (a low production, gourmet fortified Portuguese wine) rests on wooden oak barrels until it is fine to be sold.

Event though we spent all day photographing, this was not a common wedding day. Instead of the getting ready photographs and posing with family or friends, we spent the time photographing the couple with their friends sightseeing the gardens and the palace.

The most significant part of the day was the handfasting Scottish traditional ceremony. Miriam's and Andrew's hands were tied with a quilt cloth. It was followed by a dinner party inside the very cellar.

At the end of the night people gathered around a table for Fado to hear an improvised Fado concert. Three guests that were real Fado singers played for about an hour before they started losing their voices :)

It was a long, well spent day with warm, amazing people.