A Case for Black & White

We get a lot of questions from couples about our use of Black and White (B&W) in our photography. Our clients choose us because they love our reportage style using colour and B&W but are often unsure about their colour decoration details; or if will the blue-toned eye shadow of the bridesmaids be visible.

We know for a fact that we probably use, deliver and publish more B&W than a lot of our fellow photographers out there. However, we know that colour is part of our best memories and we can't afford not to records your finest colourful details that you put so much effort on, like your flowery centerpieces and your lovely bouquet.  

We love B&W for a number reasons. Without getting very technical lets list some of them:

.: Reason no. 1Moments that matter. We use B&W for those photographs that will stand the test of time. Images where people show emotion; long time friends hugging each other; the bride and groom having their dance; children playing. Well, you know what moments matter for you, don't you?

.: Reason no. 2. The intensity of the image. Most of key moments of our contemporary history are recorded on B&W film. We are used to see B&W images as simple, powerful, honest, meaningful pieces of our personal history.

.: Reason no. 3. Qualities of the image. With B&W you get a palette of 10 shades of grey  (from pure white to black) when using top quality digital cameras (like our Nikon D3) or real traditional B&W film, such as Ilford HP5 or Kodak Tri-X. This allows for compelling portraits with beautiful, organic rendition of out-of-focus background.

.: Reason no. 4. The texture. When using colour our eyes are somehow distracted by the reflections of (coloured) light of objects or people. B&W draws your attention to the dynamics of  lines, shapes and shadows of the image.

Putting it simply, our use of B&W has a lot to do with why we do photography: creating images that matter for people. We think we do it better by using B&W for key moments of your day.

Of course we will be more than happy to photograph a full B&W wedding - it would be epic!

If you are looking for a wedding or a family photographer and are moved for this kind of imagery, you might want to check our B&W selection below or take a look at our portfolio. If you like it, let us know.