As a wedding videographer I spend my time striving to create better and better work each time and putting myself out there to promote my business. Being my livelihood, I appreciate every single one of my clients and I treat them well. However, as much as clients choose me, I also choose my clients. We must be a good match and your expectations have to match the my style and the kind of film I deliver. There’s no point booking a client just for the money; couples have to love my films. Otherwise I’m the first to tell them they’re better off with someone else that suits their style & taste better than I do.

However, for all the talk about choosing clients, I don’t actively seek to shoot the weddings of certain kinds of people. What happens is I tend to be drawn to a certain kind of people with some of the following characteristics in common. Who are you, then?

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You are an artist at heart regardless what you do for a living. You like beautiful things. You like to have fun. You love the outdoors and dream of an authentic lifestyle. You value family and friends and you are happiest sharing a good meal with them. You’re not afraid to love unconditionally. You love to dance like mad until dawn.

Your dream of your wedding being an amazing celebration to look back in wonder many years down the line. Your wedding day will be less about matching colours or chocolate fountains and more about having your family and friends coming together on the day you make the lifelong promise of staying with the one you love the most. You hate pointless and cheesy wedding traditions and would rather spend your time partying with your friends.

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You don’t take yourselves too seriously. You think wedding films should suggest rather than show and that films should not be cheesy or boring but funny and witty and intense. You don’t care if your film doesn’t show every single one of your guests. You believe a 25 minute film is better than a two-hour boring slog of wedding celebrations.

You love to travel and discover new places. You believe places have a soul and an ambience that’s difficult to replicate elsewhere.

If you identify with some of this, I’d love to hear from you!