This is where you’re most likely to find me when I’m not shooting. Hiking outdoors with a hat on my head.

This is where you’re most likely to find me when I’m not shooting. Hiking outdoors with a hat on my head.

ABOUT ME. This is the quick bit. I used to be a legal advisor for the banking industry but decided to become a wedding videographer when I moved to England from Portugal. Despite being a pretty big change altogether, there’s so much in common you wouldn’t believe. When I’m not working on my business, I am out in the woods going archery or hiking or at home reading or watching Netflix or baking bread. Or, if the weather’s nice, smoking something in the fire pit.

ABOUT MY FILMS. Now, on to the stuff that matters. As a wedding videographer, my ambition is creating important, meaningful films; films that make you emotional and start building your family heirloom for generations to come.There’s nothing else I want from my films. I want them to stand on their own as films (not as just a film of your wedding). Very few things make me happier than a couple coming back to me (as many have done) saying they absolutely loved their film and having me was one of the best decisions they’ve made. It’s likely to look pretentious or smug to some, but that’s how high I set my bar. I only hope to achieve it.

More than a wedding videographer, I like to think myself as a filmmaker: indeed, I think, shoot and edit my films as a one man band. In that sense, it’s a personal project through and through. I like to treat every wedding differently and during your wedding day I film things because they tell a story - not just because it’s traditional to do so. Of course, I have a pricing brochure, but each film I do is a commission that's different from any other. My films are my take on your love story and your love story is by definition unique. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a history buff and I love traditional things, but that doesn’t mean I do the same old, cheesy shots that have characterised wedding videographers since the 1990s. What makes me point the camera at things is the stuff that makes you guys unique; your story and all the emotions around them. I shoot what's beautiful. What's important to you. What makes cinematic sense. Of course I do cover ceremony and speeches and all the main bits and the odd detail, but I leave the traditional, “has to be photographed” shots to the photographer.

For this reason, I cannot say how your film is going to be before having shot the wedding. You can have an idea from my former films, but I can only start to visualise it as I go through the day.

The films I produce are not documentaries either - that much even Uncle Bob could do. For me, good light and visuals are paramount. It doesn't really matter if you capture every-single-thing if it doesn't look great.

A final word to say sound, for me, if more than half the picture. It drives the story forward. When I say sound, I say broadcast-quality sound. Most of us can go on watching somehow flawed footage, but bad sound is an instant turn off. Therefore, everyone who speaks with purpose (vows, speeches, toasts) is mic'ed up, including the bride. Sometimes this involves some extra work to make it really unobtrusive with the wedding dress but it's all worth it.