I make films

not wedding videos


Me and my camera

Traditional wedding videos have a sour Uncle Bob kind of taste. Huge video camera on the shoulder, posing the couple with creepy words of incentive.

Chasing light. Getting the shot that tells the story. Putting all those shots together to them talk to you. That's what moves me. 

I am a filmmaker - if you like, a videographer - first and foremost. I happen to shoot weddings because I love it. I guess I could shoot other stuff: corporate films or commercials or news. But I love weddings and all the symbolism associated with it. A fast paced event full of character and beauty.

I don't blend in or lurk in the shadows like a creep. I don't stick a lens in your face either or pose you for awkward shots. None of you are actors and I don't intend to make you one. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves and allow me to create my film around that. Throughout the day, I like to connect to people. Believe it or not, it breaks the ice and allows me to point the camera without people wincing I will talk to you and your guests and go swiftly about the day, observing things as they happen and shooting.  Sometimes, the venue staff even get me a soft drink.

Everyone who speaks is mic'ed up, including the bride. Sometimes this involves some extra work because of the wedding dress but it's all worth it. You never know when the acoustic conditions of the venue will play a trick on us and completely distort the audio with reverb. Been there many times.

You and your film

Talking to friends and family makes me realise I have a pretty privileged job. Running my own business and getting hired to produce films people get emotional about. 

The incredible couples I'm fortunate enough to work with  - your ideas, your love story, your taste and your genuine interest in my filmmaking - make half of the films. In the end, as much as I craft light and sound and cut and edit, each couple makes their own film. I'm not comparing myself to giants, but Michaelangelo didn't make the stone from which he sculpted David, did he? You get the point.

In that sense, when couples get in touch and then book me, it's like a film script coming in my mailbox. In you there is a unique story to be told.

When I edit your film, I bring together all the stuff that went on your wedding day. All the symbols and little things; sounds and noises and seemingly unimportant things that make the day what it was.

For some videographers, images always get the centre stage. However, in my films your words are as important. That's why capturing great quality sound on location is critical. Obviously, that has to be unobtrusive and not to contend with your enjoyment of the day.

And if you feel like creating something - a shoot, some special words, a crazy stunt - let me know and we'll make it happen.