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As a wedding videographer, I create films about the love you both share & the heritage you are building as a family.
They are not about my artistic vision and definitely not about my ability of working special effects or cutting funky edits. My vision will be there, but only to the extent I am telling your story with it. As I tell my clients, the wedding doesn’t happen for me to film; it’s more the other way around.


(and why it’s important)

Wedding videographers have acquired a nasty reputation over the years for a reason. Using every cheesy effect known to mankind is not the way of creating memories that will last the test of time. While it’s nearly impossible to define good taste, we all know it when we see it. My wedding films don’t follow templates; they’re based on a blend of your love story with a documentary approach of the day. As videographer, I don’t follow formulae. Instead, I pay close attention to you and your guests, filming what’s going on, taking my narrative cues from vows, readings, speeches and the overall feel of the day. This is what makes the films timeless and valuable as legacy and heirloom down the line; it’s about you, not about some crazy effect or weird edit in vogue back in the day.

(no one else’s)

This should be self evident, but wedding videography is not about the videographer; it’s not even about the wedding videographer’s artistic vision. Vision, style, transitions, cameras & lenses are only tools of the craft. Knowing what to do with them is what justifies my fee and the fact I’m there all day for you. It’s about telling a story of a celebration I have the privilege to document. That’s why for me a discreet, relaxed approach to filming wins every time over a big wedding film production. While some of my clients are celebrities & VIPs most are not used to having a camera pointed at them, which is reason enough to go out of my way to be discreet and keep a low profile. I go about most of the day with one camera and one lens - my films are testament that’s more than enough.

(it’s not a music video)

Soundtrack and film sound is the glue that connects us to the narrative. While you can have a film without music speech or without sound at all, introducing human speech is what makes the film intimate and about you. Unobtrusive, high-quality live sound recording is a must. I am a firm believer in organic, textured sound over my films. For that I use a set of tiny, pro level microphones that can be concealed in clothing for the ceremony and the speeches. It’s remarkable how many videographers simply waste rich ambient sound and speech by soaking images in commercial music. Of course, there is a soundtrack, made of licensed hand-picked music pieces for each wedding that will help you connect and help to set the tone and the flavour of the scenes and the overall feel of the day.


Location is extremely important in wedding videography - you can have a lovely film anywhere. However, not all locations are created equal and not all of them render as well in film. Being based in the UK and working so frequently in Portugal, my weddings tend to acquire a certain atmosphere and patina characteristic of the place. That’s why I travel anywhere for the right couple and the right wedding. Flying a wedding videographer to your destination is not prohibitive at all, especially if you consider the decreasing cost of air travel and accommodation. Looking for the right local videographer locally and ensure the right coverage can prove challenging. Bottom line is; get me a plane ticket and I’ll meet you anywhere.