Being a Portuguese wedding videographer based around London, I am in a privileged position to help international couples (British, American, Australian, German, you name it) to get married in Portugal. Although the decision of having a wedding video made is often one taken further down the line, I get more and more methodic couples who get to me in the early stages of booking. In these cases, I am quite happy to help them with contacts I have in the field - from the best wedding planners in the market to wedding photographers and hair and makeup artists, as well as DJ and further entertainment.

Much to the surprise of most people, wedding videos in Portugal can be incredibly varied in style and setting. Let's start with some of my favourites.

Alentejo wedding video

It's the mass of land sitting between the Algarve (bottom south of the country) and Setúbal, in the north. In latitude, it goes all the way from the country's Atlantic coast to the frontier with Spain. In the Atlantic weddings can be beach or coast weddings with big views to the ocean and large distant coastal and beach views. A wedding under a wooden hut springs to mind with cold drinks and seafood being served from a weather battered beach bar. In the interior, close to Spain, you get more of a frontier look. Large distant prairie views with cork tree fields or agricultural land. This is the place where some of the best food in Portugal comes from. It's land of some of the best wines as well. From this area you can expect strong, intense red wines to go with pork dishes and potatoes and a traditional dish called "migas" - none of this is obviously vegan or vegetarian friendly, so I'd stay clear if I had such diets. Alentejo weddings are often very relaxed affairs with fairly informal dress codes and ask for a mid afternoon ceremony for a sunset reception to escape the heat. Because venues tend to be farms or ranches in the middle of nowhere, 

Lisbon wedding video

Lisbon is the city I converged to as a child. It's a proper old city such as London or Oxford. It has been around as a Portuguese city since the 12th century D. Afonso Henriques came from the north to drive the