Wedding Photographer Surrey

Working as a Surrey wedding photographer has to be one of the most rewarding jobs ever. As a wedding videographer and photographer living in Surrey and working all across the South, I feel totally spoiled for choice of beautiful venues and landscapes. The way I do wedding photography and video is totally unobtrusive and I always make sure I get the most beautiful images I can, while keeping things simple and natural. For wedding videography and photography prices and to get in touch check my Pricing page. To see my most recent update, visit the blog.



We are really happy with the choice of Pedro as our destination wedding photographer! He was really the best!! Pedro is not an intrusive photographer at all. He’s very professional without forcing any photos creating a really relaxed atmosphere for the bride & groom and also for the guests! He’s always around but always unnoticed!! And in the end, Pedro’s work is really very good! The photos are absolutely fantastic with such vivid colors and that really portray the mood of the day!! TOP!!


We finally made it to Portugal and just saw our wedding album and the photo box, they are really beautiful :-)) Thanks a lot for your wonderful work as photographers and Joana for your special handcrafts talent. We can now review some of the best moments of our special day. One more time, thanks! Wish you all the best!


Myself and my boyfriend went to Surrey for our engagement shoot with Pedro. He was very professional and relaxing during the shoot. He gave us some direction but gave us freedom to try our own ideas. The photos came out beautifully, and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to do a couple or engagement shoot.


Aaawwwww! 💕 Thank you so much, Pedro. We loved the couple session. The photos are beautiful! You are a great professional :)


My approach

Being Surrey wedding photographer and videographer, I’m lucky enough to shoot at some truly beautiful wedding venues and amazing, photogenic locations. Because I adopt a documentary, photojournalistic approach I rarely pose couples. To produce my photographs I rely on the character of the venues and the natural beauty of these south easterly locations. Cozy venues like Nonsuch Mansion or Millbridge Court have lovely, rustic decoration inside which is perfect for a winter wedding.

Years of experience shooting destination weddings and here in Surrey and Kent tell me that couples experience their wedding days like a fast forwarded movie - more so if everything goes smoothly. This is exactly what a documentary wedding photographer is for – so you can see your day through a different, unique approach and preserve those beautiful, emotional moments. I absolutely loathe cheesy, awkwardly posed wedding photographs. The most you'll see me doing when people ask me for a portrait or group shot is to ask them to stand under good light. My photography is always very simple and honest, with no weird, flashy filters or dated colour effects. My editing is unique but very subtle, most of the time to overcome weird lighting conditions. From the wedding photographer’s point of view, good weddings are the result of team work. I work closely with videographers and wedding planners to ensure everyone gets their job done.

I have recently started to work with couples as a videographer as well. My experience of years in the wedding industry provide me with the ideal skills to create beautiful wedding videos. I have produced several commercial videos and a couple of wedding videos and absolutely love the process.

How I work during a wedding

A standard wedding day starts with the bridal preparation (or bridal party) with the bride joined by her bridesmaids. Her mother will eventually join them. Beautiful, emotional moments unfold as the bride gets ready; gift exchanges and the visit of the father of the bride are also great moments I always make sure I capture first hand. All meaningful images couples and families want to look back to. The hair styling and the makeup also allow for some beautiful, enigmatic images.

This photojournalistic approach continues during the ceremony, where I am as stealth as possible, capturing all the ‘must have’ images. I will be at the front, capturing more detailed shots, while my second shooter is at the back getting a wider look of the ceremony.

During the drinks reception and the speeches I capture candid images of you and your guests having fun; the group banter and the festive environment.

Also during the drinks reception (when the light is softer and the closest possible to the golden hour), I try to take the couple for a walk around the venue. Luckily, Surrey and Kent landscapes always provide breathtaking photographic opportunities. So I set the couple loose and leave them be to enjoy some time alone - this is where I capture some of the most beautiful un-posed and relaxed bridal portraits.

Speeches can be very emotional and very funny at the same time – great moments like these are where I am always looking out for a reaction from the bridal table. This is why we offer a video of the wedding speeches as an add-on to our photography packages and video packages as well.

The cutting of the cake normally marks the beginning of the last part of the day. The first dance is a beautiful moment and where I capture some of my most romantic images. The dance floor is then open to the guests. This is where I always use flash to create more edgy looking images.

The wedding videographer's workflow is very similar, although a bit less exhaustive. It concentrates in capturing the necessary footage, the dialog and all the crazy things during the wedding day.


For people who care about this, I use Nikon full frame cameras with prime (fixed, non zoom) lenses for photography and for my wedding videos.

I also use Nikon flashes whenever ambient light is not enough. That's true for many venues here in Surrey and Kent decorated with rich, darker tones, which are perfect for wedding photography.

Both for photography and video I try to be as swift as I can. I don't use drones, cranes or sliders and I try to avoid tripods as much as I can, as they draw to much attention and distract me from the job of documenting special moments.

Coverage | Surrey, London and Kent Weddings; UK and destination weddings

Most of my wedding photography and videos is focused but not restricted to within the Surrey and Kent area, also London, East/West Sussex and Hampshire.

Kent is one of my favourite wedding photography locations – a big and varied county with multiple kinds of landscape. From small country barn or a beach weddings in Margate to the grand gardens of The Orangery in Maidstone and unique settings of Kent Life - it truly is stunning..

However, I am not just a Kent and Surrey wedding photographer. I have done a number of destination weddings in Southern Europe. Due to my Southern European origin, I speak native Portuguese and a fairly decent Spanish, and I also understand French.

I am a wedding videographer as well. Due to my experience with commercial video I recently began shooting wedding videos as well. Please inquire about wedding videography in Surrey and Kent