A glimpse into my client management, workflow and wedding day work as a wedding videographer

A glimpse on how you can expect me to work with you

1. There's nothing wrong with having a budget

I totally understand when people, regardless of what their earnings, have a budget. However, I charge the prices I do for several reasons. Hopefully, you won't need them detailed when you see my work. If you worry more about price than the wedding film you are going to get, I'm not the right videographer for you. That said, if you think none of my packages fit your needs, and you'd like some different combination of coverage or deliverables, please get in touch.

2. I don't do cheesy or staged stuff

There's romantic; there's cinematic; there's contemplative; there's glamour and beauty. And then there's cheesy. Cheesy is cheap, low-qualit, bad tasted filmmaking; heavily using form over content. The way I work is by concentrating in people's feelings during the day, allowing them to shape the wedding film. While I like my films to be beautiful, I also make sure they're true to my clients and that they have an adequate representation of their relationship, their dreams and their future. One of the things I use for this are the interviews. While I don't always do them (they're quite quick and easy going, but not everyone has the time or the disposition for them), they provide a nice structure and narrative force to the film. I also don't pose people. It's true I offer some direction to make sure I get some beautiful, dramatic, well lit footage, but I believe weddings are live events that should follow the will of the bride and groom, not the will of some needy videographer.

3. This is my job and I do it well

I'm sure you've read it before. All that bullshit about videography job not being a real job, being a privilege, etc. This is a job and I take it quite seriously. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a privilege and people have no idea how lucky I am to be trusted with such a unique point of view into peoples hearts and their emotional intimacy. What I mean is that it doesn't stop there. Wedding films take hard work and personal dedication; constant learning and improving; and, as with any job, practice. Back in my past life, I used to be a legal advisor for the banking industry. A job I did for 7+ years while my desire for a creative career grew inside me. While very few technical things from those days can be applied to my job, there's something I brought, which is the work ethic. Answering to a bank's director or a board in a legal matter makes you think on your feet and do extensive research - and I keep doing just that when producing wedding films.