Creatively different wedding films



I'm a wedding filmmaker based in in Surrey, in the outskirts of London. I specialise in wedding film with a creative, cinematic approach. With a discrete approach and a small footprint, I focus in documenting the moments that matter and creating a story that speaks to your heart. My motto is to shoot and make films that feel truly yours.

Although my creative process is focused on you as a couple - your story and your idea of your wedding day - things start way before we have ever met. My films are inspired by my favourite cinema movies. While shooting, I am very alert to any visual clues, no matter how random or unrelated, that help telling the story. Shooting alone most of the time, I use a discreet approach and compact and silent cameras make sure you and your guests don't realise you a film is being shot. Only that way I get the shots I do.

As a London wedding videographer, I'm based almost at equal distances from London Gatwick and London Heathrow. From where I am based in North West Surrey, I can easily reach Hampshire, Kent or London. Being originally from Portugal, I visit Europe and in particular Portugal as a wedding videographer several times per year. Whether you are getting married abroad having a beautiful destination wedding at French Chateau Wedding or a Mediterranean Beach Wedding, I always film my weddings with the same documentary, discrete approach. If you like my films, please get in touch and enquire for a booking.



As a wedding videographer Hampshire is possibly my favourite of the Home Counties to shoot weddings at. Of course, London weddings are one of a kind - they present logistical challenges that are quite different than any other. Being a county with such varied landscape, Hampshire wedding films all have a unique relaxed, rustic feel to them. Someone told me location makes one third of the wedding film. The rest is up to you and me. Whether you go for a manor house or a barn or a sea side venue, just make sure it fits what you had in mind. After all, film is about you and your love story, but the place will provide some of the foundational visual clues for the film.



For wedding videographers and wedding videos, content creation is key. As you might imagine, if the planning of a wedding was entirely catered for for film, it would be a nightmare. So videographers have to make the most of the visual moments that exist and the available time so shoot, including the couple shoot most photographers do anyway. Should you take a dive in the river or walk through the fields in your dress for the sake of some photographs and footage? The question here is: why shouldn't you? This is why it's important to have your image makers on board to make them aware some of your more unusual decisions in terms of details, locations and things to do. If there is a rule, whatever you think it's crazy, it's probably not crazy enough for me. So yes - go ahead and test me.



Being a Portuguese Wedding Videographer who's also an expat in the UK gives me a privileged position when going back and shooting in Portugal. Although I go back a lot less than I would like to, I frequently go back to shoot weddings and visit friends and family. As a wedding videographer the Algarve and Sintra areas are my favourite, for different reasons. The Algarve is a very well known location and tends to attract loads of really nice couples. Sintra (and Lisbon, for that matter) is great for the scenery - the Pena Palace or the green mass of forest surrounding the Castle.

Should you need a wedding videographer in Surrey, London or Hampshire or really anywhere across the UK or the world, please get in touch using the form below or our contacts page.