1. Why should I have a videographer?

The question you have to ask is "Why shouldn't I?" If you want to look back on your emotions, film is the way to do it. While photographs freeze us in time, film has all the qualities to take you through your day with sound and movement. Granted; photography is a traditional thing to have and oriented for an exhaustive detailed coverage, but film can provide you alone with how you - an all those around you - felt on the day, rather than how you looked. Also, check my article "Why Video? 10 reasons why you should have a wedding film done."

2. Do you travel?

I do. Please get in touch for costing. Flying a videographer for a destination wedding is generally better value than most people realise!

3. Do you work by yourself?

For most wedding projects, I work alone with 2 cameras. The times I work with another videographer or assistant is whenever couples feel they need further coverage or they getting ready miles apart. Wedding films require a less intensive coverage (albeit continuous at times) than photography and, therefore, I chose to work alone to keep the costs down for couples and to make sure I'm as unobtrusive as possible. After all, the wedding is all about you, not about me filming it! You will have a better idea if you look at my pricing.

4. What do "cinematic films" mean? 

Cinematic documentary films are the essence of my approach to wedding videography.  Although used (and abused) to describe any film to make it look credible and cool, cinematic is an open concept that essentially means films have a cinema-like quality - in artistic value, in story and technique. Cinematic wedding films are therefore wedding films in which the technique used (in shooting and editing, both in pictures and audio) makes it resemble the style and quality of cinema productions.

I know what you are thinking. My films look a good deal different from those one sees in cinemas. Indeed, there are always ways to make a wedding look better. More crew, more cameras, lighting, cranes - you name it. However, one must not forget your wedding day is a celebration. You wouldn't want a sound guy with a boom mic over your head while you were getting married; or a crew of three or four running cables and LED panels during your ceremony. I want to keep the operation small, stealth and discrete, since most people feel awkward when being filmed. And in the end of the day, the wedding happens because of you and I have the privilege to be filming it - not the other way around.

5. What about those interviews featured in some of your films? Do I have to talk to the camera?

You don't have to do anything. I do interviews with the bride and groom to have some good quality sound and footage to increase the narrative drive of the wedding film. Indeed, I use the interviews to tell your story. Most of the time, people feel very awkwardly about the interview, but after 30 seconds, they forget they are being filmed and the interview is just another conversation! Of course you'll still have a good film if you don't want interviews. However, I strongly advise you to have them, since they are pretty quick and easy to do.

6. Do you offer long form films?

In short: yes, I do. As per my pricing page, I tend to edit and deliver a maximum of four films (the 20 minute Full Wedding Film, the 2-3 minutes Highlights Film, Full Ceremony Film and Full Speech Film), because that's what most people prefer. However, for those who really like to sit down and watch the full thing, I'm happy to edit it all together. Obviously, the editing is different and it tends to take a bit longer, but it can obviously be done.

7. Can I choose the music?

Yes, for the most part. As you probably know, music is an essential part of the film and the actual storytelling; and if you look at feature films, you'll find most of them that are enhanced and even recognised by their music score (or soundtrack). Don't believe me? Check out this short clip of Rocky with and without music. Regardless of what you think of the Rocky franchise, the film without music could be of my own jogging routine, for all I care.
However, because this is your wedding film, you might have strong views on the music. Having said that, I'm happy for you to choose the music on most of the deliverables. Obviously, I am obligated, as you are, by law, to use music for which we have the copyright. For more details, please mention how important the music is for you, when you do your enquiry.

8. Can I ask for alterations?

In short, yes. Request alterations tend to be very rare, as I try and make sure that I only have people on board that love the film I put out. Of course, you can ask for alterations and I will consider them. However, because videography is a highly complex, lengthy process with a coherent aesthetic line, there's only so much one can change before the integrity of the film starts to crumble.  With this in mind and to make sure all my couples get their films on time, I limit the alterations requests to 7 days following the delivery of the film. In the end, I want my clients to be happy, so I will try my best to accommodate their requests within the creative scope of the film.

9. Do my films go on the internet of everyone to see?

I publish only the 2-3 minute Highlights Films, which is a trailer of the Full Wedding Film. I totally understand the need for privacy for my couples and that's why I keep to a minimum the material that goes on the internet. I do this so my prospective couples can see my films and decide whether they'd like to hire me or not, the same way my previous couples did. And while I never include in any of the delivered films any unflattering shots, I'm more than happy to edit out any scenes you want to keep private.

10. What equipment do you use?

This questions is for all the camera geeks out there (like me). I love to talk about cameras and lenses. However, by the end of the day, they're just tools. Currently, I shoot with high quality compact video cameras to enable me to get in places with minimal disruption to couples and guests. I adopt a bare bones approach and guests often mistaken me for a photographer, which is as well since people hate the idea of being filmed! But if you really want to know I operate two Panasonic GH5 and a selection of fast lenses.