From Sunbury to Farnham Castle Wedding - Where English Heritage meet wedding celebrations

People style their weddings according to their personality. Someone wanting a modern, boho style wedding with an industrial background wouldn't have their wedding at Farnham Castle. The same way, someone wanting a classic tasted wedding wouldn't get marry in a warehouse in the London Docklands.

As a photographer and a videographer, surrondings are as important as the celebration you put up. It determines light, textures, backgrounds and the overall feel of the day.  

If you like history or you're a sucker for vintage stuff and picturesque places you have to love Farnham. It's an historical city full of old, historical buildings, including a number of Georgian Houses. That's the sight you have from the grounds of the Castle while you're having your drinks reception.

In this specific case, while guests were having their drinks reception the couple sneaked to the gardens with the photographers for a short moments alone. After few pictures from a far, the couple were able to return to their friends and family.

The speeches and the rest of the evening fun provided us with amazing images, using the balcony that overlooks the room.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with this gallery. Candid, unposed, relaxed pictures in a rustic, medieval background under gorgeous spring weather.

If you are looking to get married and would like to have your wedding at Farnham Castle, let me know. I'd love to help with your wedding photography, your wedding video or both!