Same sex wedding photographer | couple shoot in Central London

I photographed my first same sex wedding couple in Lisbon in 2011. It was a black tie celebrating an elopement wedding which had taken place the day before. It was a great evening, with a lot of guests and an exquisite music choice. They even had a swing orchestra. 

Fast forward five years and I am am now a wedding photographer working in the UK, working in Surrey, Kent and London. I was lucky and privileged enough to shoot Sarah and Laura couple session.

If anyone still have any sort of doubt about it, a moment looking at their shoot will definitely confirm that love does not choose sex. If anything, it challenges a lot of preconceived ideas on what photographs of couples look like or should look like.

Regardless of the kind of couple, photographs have to feel natural. Being close also allows the viewer to connect with the picture. Makes it somewhat more meaningful. And that's probably what we want.

And if there's one thing I like about London is that you can be whatever you want. The city is so diverse and contrary to a lot of other places in the world and Europe there's room for all forms of sexuality and relationships.

Sarah is also a photographer and we have worked together before, so she had some ideas of her own which we put in practice. Most of the time though it was just two girls hanging out and having a good time in Central London.

The Thames is a favourite of many lovers. I choose this location for them as they didn't know where to go. For me there's something liberating and great about the views and the skyline. Also, the light was great and we even had time to go down to Blackfriars beach for a couple of images.

As far as I know, there is not going to happen any same sex wedding between these two anytime soon. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to photographs to loving, gay (in the very happy sense of the word) girls. 

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