Destination Wedding Photographer in Formentera | Beach Wedding at Chezz Gerdi

Being destination wedding photographer in Formentera (right next to the bigger and better known Ibiza) in the Spanish Balearic Islands seems quite like a dream for many of us, photographers. A beach wedding in a nice warm water island in the middle of the Mediterranean, with everyone wearing shorts and flower shirts and flip-flops.

As you might have seen from my galleries, I have had my share of destination weddings, but I can honestly say this one was L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y.

In fact, as a wedding photographer Formentera offers a lovely landscape and beach, relaxed lifestyle where everything is nice and easy. This is probably one of the best scenarios I could wish for.

While producing photographs is far more than snapping way people on a beautiful location, the environment definitely plays a big role. The location determines the feel of the day; the mood of people; the light, etc.

I have known Claudia and Hugo since my days in Portugal. I photographed their kids' christening and they liked me and my photography enough to consider and fly me to Formentera to document their wedding.

It all began on a cold dawn when I was waken by an email beep at 2.30am. It was Claudia confirming we had been chosen to shoot their wedding. We had exchanged a few emails before discussing details such as travel and accommodation. 

Now, they're not your normal, 30-something boring couple that chooses a fashionable sunny location just because. They are really good people, which is something you notice after spending 5 minutes with them. They have been together for about 20 years. They have lived in a number of places in Europe - including the UK - and they have 3 great kids. And Formentera has been their holiday destiny for a while. So they sort of belong there.

I know I was their destination wedding photographer and was there in a professional capacity. But without any sort of bullshit I can honestly say I felt like a friend there. Maybe because I have worked with them before or because their whole family recognised me despite my new shaved look - but certainly because they really make you feel at ease.

This Formentera wedding was a three day event.

For the first day we had a get together 'meet & greet' where everyone gathered drinking and nibbling in Kiosko Pirata beach bar in Sas Illetes (where there are effectively some small islands). We arrived early and scouted the location before we sat down and relaxed, waiting for the couple and guests to come.  It was a great evening. From the photographs you can almost hear the sound of feel good music; smell the sea and the nice food.

The big day - the day of the destination wedding - was the next day. I was pretty excited in anticipation of the informal feel of the day. On such occasions, you can produce much better images because everyone is relaxed and absent to the fact that I am there.

Claudia got ready in the Hotel Tahiti, a short 5 minute walk from the venue. The actual venue - the amazing Chezz Gerdi in Es Pujol - is one of the best restaurants and beach bars in Formentera. It's certainly one of the best venues where I have worked with, ever. It overlooks a small mooring point over some low rocks and then the immense sea. It definitely inspires peace and joy.

The ceremony was an informal affair celebrated by a Rod Stewart lookalike. Claudia, Hugo and the kids performed a ritual mixing coloured sands into a bootle - symbolising their union as a family. This was followed by fun, drinks and a lovely dinner at dusk.

Then the hard partying began. And that was hard. They had so much fun. And even the Chezz Gerdi staff joined the dance floor for a while.

The final day we met them at the beach in Es Pujol right next to the Hotel Tahiti, where we did a few farewell group photographs and also some of the kids having great fun. Afterwards, we headed to a small, intimate drink by the sunset in a nearby beach bar.

Wrapping up, being the wedding photographer for Claudia and Hugo was a great, memorable experience. I feel incredible fortunate being able to follow people around and be around them - it's hard work that definitely pays. If you liked my photography and are looking for a destination wedding photographer, I would love to be part of your adventure abroad.

None of this would be possible without my favourite second shooter (and wife and PR) without whom all this wouldn't have been as fun or easy as it was.

If you are looking for your own destination wedding photographer to document your love adventure abroad, please see my other Wedding Photography Work. You might also want to check my wedding photography prices or get in touch for detailed pricing and further info.