Weekly Question | I am an introvert and don't like to pose for photos but still want to hire a photographer - how about it?

Unless you are a model, or work in broadcasting or in some sort of creative industry, the odds are that you've never had a professional photographer with you for an entire day. Actually the very thought of it can be scary for most introvert, shy people.

The issue here has more to do with the wedding day itself than with the photography. However, a wise choice of your photographer will certainly help. Based on our experience we can write down a few suggestions for those shy and introvert people out there (it'll suit extorverts too):

1. Choose a wedding photographer that suits your style

If you are an introvert or shy person you might want to consider a photographer with a straight, simple, reportage style of wedding photography and portraits.
That is not to say you are not having your perfect wedding day - you just don't want to make a huge production of it, or someone else's dream production for that matter. Hence, the photography should follow the same principle and be something the couple feels comfortable with. Again, an introvert couple might not want something like fashion-like bridal portraits or a huge photobooth with a bucketful of props. An alternative couple might not want to spend an hour making formal portraits with all guests.
The personality of the wedding photographer is really important here - and an engagement session might clear any doubt whether the photographer will tag along with you two.

2. Plan your small, cozy wedding party or whatever you and your groom/bride dream of

Even though your best friend (or mother) might have the most wonderful program for your wedding is up to you to plan and enjoy your own wedding party. Whether you prefer a 20 people wedding with your close-family-and-a-handful-of-friends for a brief ceremony and dinner or a 200-guest full wedding day (or something in the middle) your wedding should be about your own dreams and memories and not someone else's.
Always remember that your wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your bride/groom. Any feature of that celebration shall take place because you want it.

3. Relax and enjoy: vendors in general and photographers in particular are paid to make you feel special and comfortable

Nothing will spoil your wedding photography (and the bridal portraits) more than an uncomfortable, fake smile. I am sure I mentioned it before; you are supposed to feel comfortable at your wedding - whether it is a £6k or a £120k party. And vendors exist so you can enjoy your proper, happy wedding. As for your wedding photographer; he or she will spend more time with you than any other vendor, trying to make things go smoothly and making stunning images for you. Whether they party with you or are the fly on the wall, low profile kind of professional it's up to you. But remember: sit back and relax. It will be a perfect day with perfect photographs.