Roots, friends.

We all have friends that have played a role in our photography and the aesthetics of our work.
One of those is Vasco Barreto. He is one of those fashion and cinema photographers that makes magic with prosumer level DLSR and DIY flash setups in colour photography.

I first met Vasco in Lisbon when I used to do photo walks with like minded photographers. We all learn to photograph light, but it wasn't before I started to photograph with him that I started to see light and the effect of lightning on things.

These days we have taken different paths. We do a lot of black and white. We shot most people under natural light only or mixed with strobe. Most of what we do is aesthetically quite far from fashion or glamour.  Sure; weddings and family portraits can be shot as high end fashion shoots, but our approach is honest and simple, between reportage and fine art.

Nevertheless, friends and masters are like books. They all taught us a thing or two; and the most valuable should be kept forever.