Wedding Videos London // Twickenham Rowing Club, Eel Pie Island, London

Using the low winter season to cultivate myself, I was reading a book about filmmaking and end up recalling a really nice, nostalgic 2013 film called Nebraska. As much as my cinematography is associated with rich colour casts and skin tones in country weddings, B&W plays a very special role in our imagination and provides a great mood and romantic touch to films.

So I went to my editing suite and started editing the film again. And graded it in black and white. After a few days of work, the result is what you see above. I love the feel of the image. Everything seems so easy and comfortable. It it really goes well with the manor houses of West London and the parks, that provide us with a nostalgic 20th century look.

Colour grading is one of the stages of the long process of film edit. It can be as simple or as complex as you want or need it to be. So you know, the most authorised textbook on colour grading, called Colour Correction Handbook, by Alexis Van Hurkman is more than 600 pages long.

To see the huge amount of detailed work that goes into grading film footage, take a look at the video below, which shows the final, graded footage in contrast with the raw, bland footage, straight off camera.

Black and white films are not for everyone or for every wedding or every subject. It takes a refined taste to enjoy it in most situations. What I normally do if someone wants a black and white film is to create the full wedding film in colour and the highlights in black and white. If you'd like to have your wedding video made with us, please get in touch.


Wedding Videographer Surrey | The showreel of 2016

2016 was great for me and my work. Amongst many other great things - it was the year I started doing wedding films. It was also the year I decided to make videography my main business activity. It's not that I am fed up with photography or that I have learned all there is.

In fact, 2016 I had an unprecedented demand for commercial photography work. I continued to help out my friend Charlie with a considerable chunk of his weddings.

I also got to know, work with and learn from with a couple of wedding videographers I had the privilege of earning the trust of - Ayla Akdemir from Wagtail Productions and Stuart Kinghorn from Confetti & Silk.

The turning point was the last couple of wedding videos I shot in the last week of September of 2016. After shooting a number of weddings I realised how video can expand my creativity by mixing in movement, dialogue, and music.

From the wedding in the riverside town of Cookham, in Maidenhead in June; to the Twickenham Rowing Club in the historic Eel Pie Island, in the Royal Borough of Richmond, in London; the luxurious St Michael's Manor Hotel and the rustic Old Greens Barn in Newdigate, Surrey. All these can be seen on the website, under Wedding Films.

These wedding films showed me how my photographic background helps in the creative process. After all, films are pictures. Made of the same light and magic as photographs. They abide by most of the same principles in the making and they share a lot of the same gear as well.

2017 will therefore be a year for change. I will be presenting myself as a wedding videographer. I will keep on offering wedding photography as a standalone service and as an add-on as well as commercial and event work, but videography will be my primary activity.

The website will reflect those changes in due time. In the meanwhile, please get in touch if you are in need of a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer or are looking for both to be performed by the same team.


Hertfordshire Wedding Videographer | Wedding Video shot at St Michaels Manor, in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Press HD for better quality

On the very last day of September of this year, I got the pleasure of shooting a wedding video in St Michael's Manor in St Albans, just out of London in Hertfordshire.

Charlotte and Henry are an amazing couple I met through my colleague photographer Charlie Campey. They were looking for a videographer and I was more than happy to step in produce their wedding film.

It there was one thing I loved about this wedding was the amazing natural light available throughout the day, pouring through the windows during the bridal preparations at St. Michael's Manor and also during the groom's preparation at the lovely Luton Hoo Hotel. Most makeup artists already do this so they can see the effect of ambient light as they apply their makeup, but videographer LOVE to shoot bridal preparations with them facing soft window light. And the bridal suite is definitely is a work of art, with its classical decoration that provides a rich background for my films.

Despite being a small venue, it's equipped with lovely, wide grounds. They're great for the kind of films I like to do, using the landscape and the environment as frames for my shots.

This was a purely English wedding in all forms, including the music. A string quartet played during the drinks reception, providing a most pleasant environment.

They were also very keen on having memorable images to look back to.  By the end of the day, Charlotte and Henry had in mind what is called in the wedding industry a "sparkler shot", and also a bit of dancing under a real chandelier that is hanging in the garden, providing us with the lovely images you see in the video. Since it was getting chilly, I worked with the photographer to ensure we captured the images we needed fast enough to allow the couple to move for their first dance.

All in all, it was a brilliant wedding. It allowed me to produce a lovely wedding film with rich tones and beautiful, enigmatic shots. This has to be one of the weddings I will look back to.

If you're getting married at the Luton Hoo or St Michaels Manor in St Albans, Hertfordshire, let me know. I would love to shoot your photography or produce your video - or do provide both, which I do. Check my pricing or get in touch for more information.


Wedding at High Street Kensington | St. Barnabas Church and Royal Garden Hotel

A traditional, classical London wedding on a rainy end of Summer day is something that never goes out of fashion. After all, despite the glory of a sunny day, what would London be without a cloudy sky and a few drops of rain?

Christina and Chris are this kind, charming couple. They're also really cute. Christina has this lovely middle eastern appearance with dark, silky hair; Chris is a really kind guy with an honest look on an amazing ginger beard. But above all, they're are really good people. On the run up to the wedding Christina explained things to me to the tinniest detail; during the wedding day they made sure if we had been fed and that we were happy with everything. This shows nothing but respect and that people value your work. And that's fulfilling.

One of the many self-fulfilling things about this job is definitely what we learn every day - either with regards to our craft or related to our clients or their lives. As it turns out, a significant part of the Lebanese population is Christian Orthodox. Sure enough, the wedding ceremony was nothing but a beautiful, solemn Orthodox ceremony. In purely photographic terms, it's visually far more attractive to us - imaging pros - than the Anglican or Catholic ceremonies,  as you can see from the images. The minister was really accommodating with regards to the photography. He almost made me part of the service.

The wedding day started with the bridal preparation. They all got ready at Christina's parent's house. It was a very swift and quiet affair. Men were very efficient as they made their way downstairs. It was time to greet the guest. The guest. It was almost a reception before the actual wedding. The house was decorated with wedding favours, traditional sweets, food and drink for everyone.

As the stream of guests arrived, families and groups gathered for pre wedding photographs in the  living room. When we were done, girl and fully grown women gathered for some dancing over traditional music. What a lovely surprise this was. At this point, I was already joined by my colleagues in charge of the wedding videography, the Filmmakers of London. 

After the ceremony in St. Barnabas Church, I got to the hotel where we did a lovely couple session before setting Christina and Chris free in the reception with the wedding guests.

We didn't have normal long wedding speeches, just some brief words by Christina's father.

Their first dance was a lovely surprise, though. Because the dance floor was in the middle of the tables, most guests didn't stand for it. So I had the full dance floor to myself and the images clearly show a lot of "breathing space" for the dancing couple with the photographs. Some of my best dance photographs ever were captured that nice.

I had these new set of lights I have been using for quite a while now I wanted to use for the dance floor. The effect is quite edgy and energetic, as you can see from the images.

If there's one thing I have learned from shooting weddings in Britain - where you have a very diverse society - is that a good wedding photographer has to be accommodating and do their homework so they can shoot any kind of wedding. Long gone are the days of professionals who only do one kind of wedding - either Asian, Jewish, British, gay, transgender, whatever.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the seamless and professional role of Bettina Sandners, as the events coordinator at the Royal Garden Hotel. Despite having never worked at the Hotel before, she did everything to make our work easier and also made sure we were always on time. 

If you are looking to get married at the Royal Garden Hotel or anywhere in Kensington High Street, please let me know as I'd love to help you out with wedding photography and/or wedding videography.


From Sunbury to Farnham Castle Wedding - Where English Heritage meet wedding celebrations

People style their weddings according to their personality. Someone wanting a modern, boho style wedding with an industrial background wouldn't have their wedding at Farnham Castle. The same way, someone wanting a classic tasted wedding wouldn't get marry in a warehouse in the London Docklands.

As a photographer and a videographer, surrondings are as important as the celebration you put up. It determines light, textures, backgrounds and the overall feel of the day.  

If you like history or you're a sucker for vintage stuff and picturesque places you have to love Farnham. It's an historical city full of old, historical buildings, including a number of Georgian Houses. That's the sight you have from the grounds of the Castle while you're having your drinks reception.

In this specific case, while guests were having their drinks reception the couple sneaked to the gardens with the photographers for a short moments alone. After few pictures from a far, the couple were able to return to their friends and family.

The speeches and the rest of the evening fun provided us with amazing images, using the balcony that overlooks the room.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with this gallery. Candid, unposed, relaxed pictures in a rustic, medieval background under gorgeous spring weather.

If you are looking to get married and would like to have your wedding at Farnham Castle, let me know. I'd love to help with your wedding photography, your wedding video or both!


Same sex wedding photographer | Storrington, West Sussex

For quite a while now I have come across some wedding industry players dedicated to "same sex wedding" or a "gay wedding" - treating it like a niche. I like to think such thinking doesn't make any sense in today's free, tolerant society. Are there any special skills a vendor need do acquire to work on a wedding of a same sex or gay couple to make it into a niche? None that I can see.

Some destination weddings require specific skills of dealing with other cultures and understanding other languages. Culture specific weddings like asian weddings or jewish weddings certainly require the photographer to know and understand such rituals.

Gay weddings or lesbian weddings or same sex weddings - whatever you want to call them - are just like any civil ceremony.

The UK wedding industry - and the UK photographic industry in general - is very influenced by the trends and developments in North America. In fact, recently gay weddings received a surge of recognition all over the world after the Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. (2015) case. It was a landmark US Supreme Court case in which the Court held in a 5–4 decision that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. (Sorry about the legal-nerdy reference, but this is my former legal-advisor-self speaking for himself).

Now, the very fact that those distinctions live on only prove much remains to be done to eliminate discrimination against gay people. Last week I heard colleague commenting on how sad he was because a gay couple he was going to shoot wanted him to avoid using flash (part of his distinctive style), as they didn't want to draw attention and "run into troublemakers". Obviously, he was said about the motive, not about the actual use of flash.

Whatever the kind of wedding, the very fact that people seek public, legal, official recognition of their union is just lovely and much admirable. People decide to commit publicly to one another and celebrate that in public - and I believe that is strong enough to eclipse any sort of discriminatory stain (albeit subtle) beneath these distinctions.

This brings me to the recent wedding I shot in Storrington, a nice, country town in West Sussex (right on the north side of the South Downs), in England. There is nothing but an intimate, homemade celebration of love.

Philippa and Nadia got married abroad, in France. It wasn't a destination wedding, though. They both live there and got married locally to simplify legal matters. Two weeks later, they gathered their families in the UK plus a bunch of friends from several parts of Europe for a cozy, familiar, quintessentially British, garden wedding celebration on Philippa's parents own garden.

The scene looked like a frame of the Great British Bake Off series. A lovely, well looked after garden, a white tent to prevent the ubiquitous English summer showers, wild flowers on tables and yes, the temperamental British weather: blazzing sun in one moment, and rain hammering down the next moment :)

This was a really nice domestic affair. Philippa's mother dusted off her collection of tea pots and cups and saucers. Philippa's aunt is registrar with the Brighton and Hove City Council and was all too happy to perform the ceremony for them. Anb even the wedding cake was homemade by Nadia.

As much as I love to photograph grand, glamorous weddings in well regarded venues, these smaller, less rigid gatherings allow for a more intimate kind of documentary photography. I can concentrate on moments rather the usual classic landmarks (getting ready, ceremony, reception, speeches, etc.) one normally finds in larger wedding celebrations.

I have been lucky enough to photograph several couples, gay and straight, British and international. If there's one thing this variety of people have taught me is that love is pretty much an intimate, personal thing that defies social profiling or labelling. It's so different and varied that becomes universal.

If you are getting married (in a same sex or gay wedding or otherwise) and you are the kind of person who appreciates relaxed, documentary photography rather than the awkward, staged posing photographers traditionally put couples through, you might want to get in touch.


Maidenhead Wedding Video | CIM Moor Hall in Maidenhead

This is a rather proud moment for me. I have now completed and delivered my first wedding video shot in Maidenhead, Berkshire, at the CIM Moor Hall. It was great fun and I am quite pleased with the results. It was not the first time I shot a wedding video (or any type of video for that matter) but it was the first wedding video under my own business name.

Back in early 2015 I had started shooting short corporate videos for a commercial client. Having years of experience in photography definitely helped. Although the logic of video is totally different, most of the required skill set is very similar to the photography one. It is not accidental the fact that the people in charge of the image and camera side of a film set are called Directors of Photography.

The creative mindset is however very different. Wedding videos are all about filming movement, whereas photography is about scenes freezed in a single frames.

As far as I am concerned, wedding videos are documentary by nature; much more so than photography. Of course you could stage a wedding. But then it would't be a wedding video. It would be a film about a wedding.

While I use an assistant/second videographer, I make sure my kit setup is minimal. Because a wedding is not a film set I don't use drones or sliders and pretty much limit the use of tripods to speeches and some detail and establishing (scenery) shots. My camera kit consists basically of two Panasonic video cameras, a handful of bright lenses and a few sound recorders with lavalier (lapel) microphones to capture the spoken voice during vows and speeches.

This Maidenhead wedding video came up as a surprise, as it was a last minute booking. Teresa and Ed had their Catholic ceremony at the St Joseph's Church in Cookham and then their wedding breakfast at the CIM Moor Hall also in Cookham. They were after a simple, no nonsense video coverage of their wedding and that's pretty much what I do. I do it with wedding photography and wedding videos are no different.

As wedding videographer Maidenhead is a lovely area to get married in. Because the area is quite close to Windsor, there are a number of nice, renovated Manor Houses that are being used as wedding venues in the Maidenhead area. Lovely landscapes and rustic buildings give a simple, unconventional boho touch to any wedding reception and wedding breakfast. Such textures, shapes and available light spots provide a perfect environment to shoot wedding videos.

The CIM Moor Hall (where most of this wedding video was filmed) is located in a countryside area the small town of Cookham, Maidenhead. It's quite a big venue with lovely country surroundings. For weddings with a more rustic tone, other venues come to my mind, such as Lillibrooke Manor or Rivervale Farm.

Wrapping up, shooting this Maidenhead Wedding Video was such a great experience. I enjoyed it so much I setup a wedding videos page and I am now completing a brochure with wedding video prices and packages.


Destination Wedding Photographer in Formentera | Beach Wedding at Chezz Gerdi

Being destination wedding photographer in Formentera (right next to the bigger and better known Ibiza) in the Spanish Balearic Islands seems quite like a dream for many of us, photographers. A beach wedding in a nice warm water island in the middle of the Mediterranean, with everyone wearing shorts and flower shirts and flip-flops.

As you might have seen from my galleries, I have had my share of destination weddings, but I can honestly say this one was L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y.

In fact, as a wedding photographer Formentera offers a lovely landscape and beach, relaxed lifestyle where everything is nice and easy. This is probably one of the best scenarios I could wish for.

While producing photographs is far more than snapping way people on a beautiful location, the environment definitely plays a big role. The location determines the feel of the day; the mood of people; the light, etc.

I have known Claudia and Hugo since my days in Portugal. I photographed their kids' christening and they liked me and my photography enough to consider and fly me to Formentera to document their wedding.

It all began on a cold dawn when I was waken by an email beep at 2.30am. It was Claudia confirming we had been chosen to shoot their wedding. We had exchanged a few emails before discussing details such as travel and accommodation. 

Now, they're not your normal, 30-something boring couple that chooses a fashionable sunny location just because. They are really good people, which is something you notice after spending 5 minutes with them. They have been together for about 20 years. They have lived in a number of places in Europe - including the UK - and they have 3 great kids. And Formentera has been their holiday destiny for a while. So they sort of belong there.

I know I was their destination wedding photographer and was there in a professional capacity. But without any sort of bullshit I can honestly say I felt like a friend there. Maybe because I have worked with them before or because their whole family recognised me despite my new shaved look - but certainly because they really make you feel at ease.

This Formentera wedding was a three day event.

For the first day we had a get together 'meet & greet' where everyone gathered drinking and nibbling in Kiosko Pirata beach bar in Sas Illetes (where there are effectively some small islands). We arrived early and scouted the location before we sat down and relaxed, waiting for the couple and guests to come.  It was a great evening. From the photographs you can almost hear the sound of feel good music; smell the sea and the nice food.

The big day - the day of the destination wedding - was the next day. I was pretty excited in anticipation of the informal feel of the day. On such occasions, you can produce much better images because everyone is relaxed and absent to the fact that I am there.

Claudia got ready in the Hotel Tahiti, a short 5 minute walk from the venue. The actual venue - the amazing Chezz Gerdi in Es Pujol - is one of the best restaurants and beach bars in Formentera. It's certainly one of the best venues where I have worked with, ever. It overlooks a small mooring point over some low rocks and then the immense sea. It definitely inspires peace and joy.

The ceremony was an informal affair celebrated by a Rod Stewart lookalike. Claudia, Hugo and the kids performed a ritual mixing coloured sands into a bootle - symbolising their union as a family. This was followed by fun, drinks and a lovely dinner at dusk.

Then the hard partying began. And that was hard. They had so much fun. And even the Chezz Gerdi staff joined the dance floor for a while.

The final day we met them at the beach in Es Pujol right next to the Hotel Tahiti, where we did a few farewell group photographs and also some of the kids having great fun. Afterwards, we headed to a small, intimate drink by the sunset in a nearby beach bar.

Wrapping up, being the wedding photographer for Claudia and Hugo was a great, memorable experience. I feel incredible fortunate being able to follow people around and be around them - it's hard work that definitely pays. If you liked my photography and are looking for a destination wedding photographer, I would love to be part of your adventure abroad.

None of this would be possible without my favourite second shooter (and wife and PR) without whom all this wouldn't have been as fun or easy as it was.

If you are looking for your own destination wedding photographer to document your love adventure abroad, please see my other Wedding Photography Work. You might also want to check my wedding photography prices or get in touch for detailed pricing and further info.






Same sex wedding photographer | couple shoot in Central London

I photographed my first same sex wedding couple in Lisbon in 2011. It was a black tie celebrating an elopement wedding which had taken place the day before. It was a great evening, with a lot of guests and an exquisite music choice. They even had a swing orchestra. 

Fast forward five years and I am am now a wedding photographer working in the UK, working in Surrey, Kent and London. I was lucky and privileged enough to shoot Sarah and Laura couple session.

If anyone still have any sort of doubt about it, a moment looking at their shoot will definitely confirm that love does not choose sex. If anything, it challenges a lot of preconceived ideas on what photographs of couples look like or should look like.

Regardless of the kind of couple, photographs have to feel natural. Being close also allows the viewer to connect with the picture. Makes it somewhat more meaningful. And that's probably what we want.

And if there's one thing I like about London is that you can be whatever you want. The city is so diverse and contrary to a lot of other places in the world and Europe there's room for all forms of sexuality and relationships.

Sarah is also a photographer and we have worked together before, so she had some ideas of her own which we put in practice. Most of the time though it was just two girls hanging out and having a good time in Central London.

The Thames is a favourite of many lovers. I choose this location for them as they didn't know where to go. For me there's something liberating and great about the views and the skyline. Also, the light was great and we even had time to go down to Blackfriars beach for a couple of images.

As far as I know, there is not going to happen any same sex wedding between these two anytime soon. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to photographs to loving, gay (in the very happy sense of the word) girls. 

If you are looking for your own same sex wedding photographer to do an engagement session, couple session or same sex wedding, please see my other Wedding Photography Work. You might also want to check my wedding photography prices or get in touch for more details on wedding photography prices and packages.

Surrey Wedding Photographer - Commercial shoot for AllSaints Coffee Shop

Last month I did a commercial shoot for the AllSaints coffee shop in Leatherhead, Surrey. It's a community project designed to give young people a skill and prepare them either for further studies or providing the basics for the begining of their working life.

This is rather different from my usual wedding work. It requires a bit more posing and preparation, but in the end is not that different.

It was a pleasure to shoot this new project, though. The staff was really friendly and willing to look good and - lets face it - their main product, coffee, is really handsome.

Surrey Wedding Photographer | Mark & Claire | Foxhills, Ottershaw

Last September I shot small, intimate wedding with my friend Charlie Campey in Foxhills Golf Club. Unlike many days of the instable English summer, this was a sunny, soft light afternoon which allowed for great candid portraits outdoors and a beautiful ceremonies.

Unlike some big sized weddings, this was a real family and friends celebration. The connection between the guests, the couple and their family was evident.

The best part was definitely the last dance. Unlike me, Mark and Claire definitely know how to dance properly :)

Surrey family photographer | Family religious celebrations

When we think of family what comes to mind are family gatherings around food. Festive moments, celebrations. This was the case for Luana and her family. In the beginning of July 2015 we traveled down south to Eastbourne in Sussex for Luana's baptism ceremony.

Needless to say, this was a wonderful experience of family gathering and celebration. Also, a great opportunity for children portraits.

See some of the best moments below :)

Surrey Event Photographer | Landlord & Investor Race Night at Epsom Downs Racecourse

Yesterday I was invited by Jessica Rea Connelly to visit her Jessica Rea Millinery stand in the Landlord & Investor Race Night at Epsom Downs Racecourse.

It was a wonderful experience for me to be close to a major event of the horse racing world.

It was a great evening. I had the opportunity to see the amazing millinery work done by Jessica.

The evening nice and warm. A beautiful sunset provided me with  soft, golden light; perfect for outdoor event photography :)

Surrey Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Salt of Britain personal project

One of the things I cherish most in photography is environmental portraiture. Portraits done on location have something very direct and honest about them. Black and white is my medium of choice for most portraits (although some of these look great in colour).

The Salt of Britain is about people that walk the streets of the UK. Anyone can be featured. I chose my models because they look friendly or interesting or just because I think there's something about them. The UK is made of a rich pot of people from all over the world that call this country home. The "salt" is about the richness they add to Britain.

These portraits are made on the street, with models chosen and "hired" on the spot. Strobe lightning is used for the sole propose of matching the outstanding visual features of the human eye in difficult ambient light conditions.

This is the first batch of portraits.

Surrey Wedding, Family and Portrait Photographer | Maternity session

Earlier this month we did a lovely maternity session for a Portuguese couple living in the UK.

They baby is due in July and his parents wanted to make sure they had this session made before that.

We did this session in Weybridge, by the river paths and the gorgeous locks. The river landscape and the environment with narrow boats and the locks is full of countryside character.

A beautiful view for a loving couple waiting for their first son.

Surrey Wedding Photographer | Jade + Tom session

Last week we had a wonderful time with Jade and Tom in the huge Virginia Water reservoir. They're both writers and English language specialists. They met in Brighton, while in the University.

Surrey is a perfect location for nature lovers. It's also home for numerous charming country houses, hotels, wedding venues like the Horsley Park or Gorse Hill and beautiful parks.

Virginia Water in Surrey (near Woking) has this romantic, relaxed landscape. We decided right away that it'd be the perfect location for this couple.

From a personal point of view, I absolutely love these photographs. It was a stroll in the park, definitely. The green, somewhat dark backgrounds with dense bushes and trees proved to be the perfect frame for these two. Their calm, easy way is just something worth looking at; over and over again. It's difficult not to be engaged with them.

A couple of days after the shoot, I sent a sneak peak of the photos to Jade. She wrote me these lovely words: «Absolutely amazing photographs - had such a fun day. Thank you so much - they are stunning! I will be recommending you :) ».

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

Our new place in the United Kingdom | Surrey, UK wedding photographer

We are now fully back in action. As you are probably aware we recently moved from Portugal to the United Kingdom. We now live in Addlestone, Surrey.

I can't believe how privileged I feel of being able to live and work from such a beautiful place. We are in between the river Thames that travels all the way to London and his little brother Wey. There is plenty of forest and narrow boats, open green fields and nice looking rustic properties. That also means many beautiful, gorgeous wedding venues to choose from.

We are fascinated by the vibrant wedding industry in the London and South areas of the UK and also the kind people we have been meeting for the last few days.

We will of course continue to visit Portugal on work and leisure. Needless to say that we will  continue to work with venues and wedding planners for our destination weddings

Follow our news and work on Facebook or Instagram and also on our blog.

Back down South

A major part of our family roots are in Alentejo. It is a diverse, culturally rich part of our country. 

Although facing tough times due to the economic environment, it has been regarded internationally and in the UK as one of the finest parts of Portugal for tourism due to its fine beaches and slow paced, organic lifestyle. Oh, and for the UK standards, things are incredibly cheap. Check this article from The Guardian.

A lot of my good holiday memories are about this landscape. My grandparents'  house is located about 5 miles from Zambujeira do Mar and we always took the opportunity to visit over spring and summer weekends.

Over the last few (well, not so few) years I began enjoying it more and more when I realized how different organic food is (specially the straight-from-the-land vegetables), the sourdough bread and the relaxing, slow paced lifestyle people live here.

No matter how many new places I visit, this is a different kind of place.

Note: These images - like most of our personal/travel work - are shot on analogue cameras. We like being unplugged (even from digital cameras) for a while, enjoying an authentic, genuine lifestyle. Also, most film images require no computer post-processing. Actually, these are straight-from-the-lab-scans.