Wedding Videographer London // Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire

As a London wedding videographer it was my fist time shooting at an English Heritage venue, which are mostly located out of London. There are some venues along my career which mark stepping stones to bigger and better things. Such is the case of Wrest Park. When Helen from Pudding Bridge called me to ask if I was available, I just couldn't believe my luck.

Wrest Park is one of those venues that tends to attract really sophisticated, high-end couples. That description that fits Rowan and Philip like a glove. Ever since I first met them, they totally trusted me and gave me full creative license to do what I do best. And that's really how I love to work.

As you already know, my wedding films are shot as documentary, but with enough cinematic techniques to make them beautiful, emotional and fun. I need a minimum amount of cooperation from couples to achieve that, mainly during the couple session. This couple shoot scene you see in this highlights film took about 4 minutes to film. I like to keep a small "time footprint" as I know you need to be with your guests.

If you are looking for you own London wedding video, with a quirky, unusual look, drop me a line and let's talk further. I have my own look but I like and need your input!

Wedding Videographer Oxfordshire // Sir Charles Napier Inn // Chinnor // Oxfordshire

As much as wedding videographers (and other creatives) go on about how amazing this or that venue is, there are very few that beat the good old Country Pub. As with village church weddings, there's a sense of timelessness, certainty and consistency. People have been doing it for hundreds of years, saying the same or very similar words from the Book of Common Prayer across generations. In the same way, the pub has been there for ages and has been a part of the country landscape. While much of it's local community importance has declined due to the fact a lot of people work how in the city, the fact is the Public House still very much part of the English life.

This was the backdrop of Pam and Alan's wedding. Alan proposed to Pam in the Sir Charles Nappier Inn in Chinnor. This was the village where they also got married and had their reception.

When Pamela first got in touch she was very worried about the presence of a videographer.  So much so she didn't want her bridal preparations filmed. During the consultation, we ran through many of the questions brides ask: the film structure, how I shoot, how I choose the music, how I use microphones to capture audio and so on.

The wedding went on brilliantly, though. From the ceremony on to the reception and first dance with a great, well spirited and very light-hearted. The weather held off until people were called in for the reception and we even were granted some sunny spells for the couple shoot. My memory of the day was the carefree atmosphere and great speeches filled with Anglo-Aussie banter.

In the end, I must say I felt relieved. Upon my departure, Pam came out of the dance floor and hugged me saying how professional and low-profile my coverage had been. I left with my heart full ready to fight another day.

If you'd like to have a wedding videographer for your wedding, please get in touch and we will take it from there!

Hampshire Wedding Videographer // Fari & Tino // Froyle Park

Click HD on the film for better quality

It wasn't my first wedding video of the year, but certainly the first that springs to mind when I look at the beginning of the season. Take the lovely sights of Hampshire and imagine one of those young, deeply in love couples who a flick of the fingers in the address book joined together.

Froyle Park weddings are always nice. Located in Hampshire, not far from the border with Surrey, it benefits a lot of the countryside and the farming fields around. These lovely landscapes set the perfect scene for wedding films.

The interviews you see here took, literally, 4 minutes each - from setup to wrap up. Because Tino wasn't doing a speech, I wanted to have some nice words about his bride. And Fari - she's a free spirit herself, so she's one of those people who's really expressive - so I wouldn't want to skip her testemony.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this film as much as I loved to shoot it. Their own words upon seeing the film were: "Thank you for all your hard work Pedro. We appreciate all you did to capture our big day - it's wonderful!!!".

Finally, the only thing I have to say is that it was no hard work at all. I do this for a living because I love it.

If you liked this wedding film, take a look at my other films. And if you think I could be part of your big day, check my prices here and let's talk.

Wedding Videos London // Twickenham Rowing Club, Eel Pie Island, London

Using the low winter season to cultivate myself, I was reading a book about filmmaking and end up recalling a really nice, nostalgic 2013 film called Nebraska. As much as my cinematography is associated with rich colour casts and skin tones in country weddings, B&W plays a very special role in our imagination and provides a great mood and romantic touch to films.

So I went to my editing suite and started editing the film again. And graded it in black and white. After a few days of work, the result is what you see above. I love the feel of the image. Everything seems so easy and comfortable. It it really goes well with the manor houses of West London and the parks, that provide us with a nostalgic 20th century look.

Colour grading is one of the stages of the long process of film edit. It can be as simple or as complex as you want or need it to be. So you know, the most authorised textbook on colour grading, called Colour Correction Handbook, by Alexis Van Hurkman is more than 600 pages long.

To see the huge amount of detailed work that goes into grading film footage, take a look at the video below, which shows the final, graded footage in contrast with the raw, bland footage, straight off camera.

Black and white films are not for everyone or for every wedding or every subject. It takes a refined taste to enjoy it in most situations. What I normally do if someone wants a black and white film is to create the full wedding film in colour and the highlights in black and white. If you'd like to have your wedding video made with us, please get in touch.


Wedding Videographer Surrey | The showreel of 2016

2016 was great for me and my work. Amongst many other great things - it was the year I started doing wedding films. It was also the year I decided to make videography my main business activity. It's not that I am fed up with photography or that I have learned all there is.

In fact, 2016 I had an unprecedented demand for commercial photography work. I continued to help out my friend Charlie with a considerable chunk of his weddings.

I also got to know, work with and learn from with a couple of wedding videographers I had the privilege of earning the trust of - Ayla Akdemir from Wagtail Productions and Stuart Kinghorn from Confetti & Silk.

The turning point was the last couple of wedding videos I shot in the last week of September of 2016. After shooting a number of weddings I realised how video can expand my creativity by mixing in movement, dialogue, and music.

From the wedding in the riverside town of Cookham, in Maidenhead in June; to the Twickenham Rowing Club in the historic Eel Pie Island, in the Royal Borough of Richmond, in London; the luxurious St Michael's Manor Hotel and the rustic Old Greens Barn in Newdigate, Surrey. All these can be seen on the website, under Wedding Films.

These wedding films showed me how my photographic background helps in the creative process. After all, films are pictures. Made of the same light and magic as photographs. They abide by most of the same principles in the making and they share a lot of the same gear as well.

2017 will therefore be a year for change. I will be presenting myself as a wedding videographer. I will keep on offering wedding photography as a standalone service and as an add-on as well as commercial and event work, but videography will be my primary activity.

The website will reflect those changes in due time. In the meanwhile, please get in touch if you are in need of a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer or are looking for both to be performed by the same team.