My name is Pedro Portela and I'm lead videographer and owner of this business. After quite a few years practicing contract law, I decided to pursue a creative career. I started in wedding photography but quickly fell in love with moving images. After all these years, I still wonder how an image combined with music and speech can make your skin tingle.

Pedro Portela Films is a boutique sized wedding film business focused in creating cinematic wedding films. The acorn present in the logo represents my main inspirations sources: the outdoors, beautiful lights and all things nature and rustic. Of course, I rely on the visuals of my favourite films and above all the goodness I get from deal with amazing couples.

My films concentrate in creating honest, natural looking films with beautiful and iconic images. As you probably figured out at this point, I use a very barebones approach to film gear and I use it on a necessity basis. I travel light and shoot with compact cinema gear to make sure it doesn't stand in the way of your celebrations and, obviously, creating a good film. I don't use bulky equipment such as sliders or cranes. I rely on camera angle and the natural flow of the day and our strong edit to built your wedding films.

Now, it's your turn. Tell me everything about you two.