Destination wedding videos are amazing, both for whoever gets to create them (me) and for whoever gets one. I know every wedding video is special and that when you choose your wedding videographer you already have that in mind - so your wedding videographer is probably going to do a great, cinematic film and an overall great job, whether that's true for Surrey, Hampshire and anywhere in the UK or abroad.

From a logistics and technical point of view, destination weddings need practice and special knowledge. It's very easy to leave a piece of equipment behind that's essential to produce wedding films. In most European cities is possible to get most things videography, but that's not always true for most of the remote wedding destinations, such as the countryside or European weddings.

In terms of imaging, it's often the case videographers get lost with so much visual stimulation. Because everything is visually different from the UK, it takes an experienced and selective eye to know what visual content to include - or not - in your wedding film.

Finally, it's important for people to choose their destination wedding videographer close to home. While it might be more affordable to hire on your destination (say, for example, Southern Europe) it's definitely safer to hire in your home country. When hiring your destination videographer closer to home, you get the chance to meet them personally; to be more relaxed towards approach and deliverables (while wedding videographers tend to fine tune their packages with their personal style and ideas, it's fairly uniform what to expect from them); and also a better access to justice if things get wrong, as most of wedding videographers' contracts state the litigation is to be done at local courts.


As a Surrey wedding videographer I am fortunate enough to have an array of stunning places and venues across the county, as well as in Sussex, London or Hampshire. My work as a videographer is basically made of a reportage style of cinematography, using small video cameras to achieve a cinematic look, while working discreetly not to disturb the authenticity of your wedding day. As videographer London also offers me the opportunity of working with a world famous landscape, with landmarks that can be spotted by anyone. These cinematic wedding videos are called so because they resemble the films we see in cinema, by using widescreen (also known as letterbox), natural light and colour grading to achieve a more authentic look.

Years of experience shooting as a videographer in Surrey and London tell me that couples experience their wedding days like a fast forwarded movie - more so if everything goes smoothly. This is exactly what a good wedding videographer does for you: the fast forward film slows down to give pace to a well cut wedding film – so you can see your day through a different, unique approach and preserve those beautiful, emotional moments. I absolutely loathe cheesy, awkwardly posed wedding videos and photographs. The most you'll see me doing when people ask me for a portrait or group shot is to ask them to stand under good light. From the wedding videographer's point of view, good weddings are the result of team work. I work closely with photographers and wedding planners to ensure everyone gets their job done.


My video activities are not limited to weddings. As much we like the work as wedding videographer, London is filled with great opportunities for creatives to work within in corporate jobs, commercial films or events coverage. People who are familiar with film production understand wedding videography is quite different from more commercially oriented parts of filming. Because commercial or feature films are build to convey a message, they quite differ from the documentary purpose of the wedding film. And that's certainly a good thing as film production is all about control, repetition and full of nuisances that would cripple the normal flow of a fun, emotional event such as a wedding.

Our wedding video and wedding photography coverage encompasses the UK - with special mention to the counties in the south (Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire), as well as Southern Europe - countries such as Portugal, Spain and Italy. We love destination weddings and we have our passports ready to go out and shoot anywhere you need us to.