UK, Portugal & Destination Weddings

CREATIVE WEDDING videography around London and hampshire with a documentary approach


I'm a UK-based Destination Wedding Videographer available to travel worldwide. I specialise in wedding videos with a with a storytelling twist. Using a discreet approach and compact and silent cameras, I use the features of each location or venue to create stories. I go about your wedding day ensuring you and your guests don't realise you a film is being shot. Being located in the outskirts of London in between the lovely wedding venues of Surrey and Hampshire, I'm very close from a couple of London Airports- 20 minutes from Heathrow and 50 minutes from Gatwick - I'm always ready to jump on a plane. Being originally from Portugal, I visit Europe and in particular Portugal as a wedding videographer several times per year. Whether you are getting married abroad having a beautiful destination wedding at French Chateau Wedding or a Mediterranean Beach Wedding, I always film my weddings with the same documentary, discrete approach. If you like my films, please get in touch and enquire for a booking.


As you will find out soon enough I dedicate my life to this job. As a wedding videographer Hampshire has - as well as most of the English countryside I have worked in - a pretty good impact in my style and my films. The clue is in the logo: there is an acorn that symbolises my connection to the country and the natural world. But by no means I shoot weddings in the Surrey & Hampshire area only. As a destination wedding videographer, I create my wedding videos wherever you'd like me to. In fact, I believe we are the places we live in - and for filmmakers we are in many respects the videos we create. It's no secret I'm a woodsman or sorts and an outdoor buff. It's my belief good, experienced wedding videographers put a slice of themselves into their work. You know when you are so good and articulate at something it becomes second nature? That's when you can start to create. For the first few years, a wedding videographer is looking to find his or her way of shooting wedding videos. A way of editing them. A way of conveying emotions into images. There is no wedding videography course or degree one can take. Therefore each of my wedding videos has embedded the books I read, the films I have seen and even the places I have visited. Some of these clues are more noticeable than any other. I aim for each of the wedding videos to be unique enough to be truly yours, but timeless enough to be enjoyable in 20 or 30 years' time. In the end, this is what should make you have a wedding video in the first place, but also picking a wedding videographer over another. Whether his or her vision of the world is aligned with yours.

Of course, I say this time and time again to couples and colleagues alike. My wedding videos are a mirror of your day. Not a crystal-clear mirror. It's more of a stained glass kind of reflection. I try to bring out the complex set of emotion one feels on a wedding day. The nervousness about each and every detail; the sense of wonder and amazement with the beauty of a destination wedding; the comedy and laughter. In the end, when everything is set and ready to walk down the aisle, one shouldn't take themselves or the day very seriously. We are a complex and perfectly put together set of results and expectations and each of my films wants to address that - however daunting and laborious the process seems.

However, planning smartly goes a long way. The idea is to bring your image creators into the mix. Videographers and photographers have a visual understanding of things. If they are the right ones for you, they will be able to translate into images whatever your plan is for the day and above all your vision of the big picture. But you will have to trust them. Trust is hugely important for an artist or artisan to bring out the best work.

For wedding videographers and wedding videos, content creation is key. As you might imagine, if the planning of a wedding was entirely catered for for film, it would be a nightmare. So videographers have to make the most of the visual moments that exist and the available time so shoot, including the couple shoot most photographers do anyway. Should you take a dive in the river or walk through the fields in your dress for the sake of some photographs and footage? The question here is: why shouldn't you? This is why it's important to have your image makers on board to make them aware some of your more unusual decisions in terms of details, locations and things to do. If there is a rule, whatever you think it's crazy, it's probably not crazy enough for me. So yes - go ahead and test me.


In the end, it will be your day and your wedding video and your decision on how to direct the whole affair. For me personally, every wedding is quite different. Destination weddings in France, Italy or Portugal have a dynamic and wild life of their own (they're normally held in warmer locations, more prone to outdoor partying). A country wedding in a manor house in the West Country with a fire going and game pie for dinner is another matter, as it requires more of a content creating effort. Either way, the effort should be mine. You are there to enjoy your day and to briefly assist me with your presence.


Recently, I have added France to my list of destination weddings. I was invited to shoot a wedding at the Chateau de Jalesnes, in France. It's a French chateau located 2 hours east of Nantes, so about 4 hours in total from a London airport. To give you an example of how flexible I can be, I worked closely with the couple to ensure I have good camera angles during the wedding ceremony, taking place in the woods (away from power sources, from stable ground and ultimately with huge lighting challenges). Also, by working closely with them was able to capture the horse and carriage while on route, along with beautiful footage of the couple having a moment alone.


Being a Portuguese Wedding Videographer who's also an expat in the UK gives me a privileged position when going back and shooting in Portugal. Although I go back a lot less than I would like to, I frequently go back to shoot weddings and visit friends and family. As a wedding videographer the Algarve and Sintra areas are my favourite, for different reasons. The Algarve is a very well known location and tends to attract loads of really nice couples. Sintra (and Lisbon, for that matter) is great for the scenery - the Pena Palace or the green mass of forest surrounding the Castle.

Should you need a wedding videographer in Surrey, London or Hampshire or really anywhere across the UK or the world, please get in touch using the form below or our contacts page.